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Immune enhancement is an important topic to consider as you increase your exposure during holiday get-togethers. To help you help your patients stay healthy, I've just created a series of Immune Enhancement videos that you can watch on Performancepractic TV.

One of the most important tools that I use to enhance nearly all of my patient protocols (including immune enhancement) is Whole-Body Vibration (WBV) using VibePlate. I hope you find the following article on WBV very useful. I am also an authorized distributor of VibePlate, and I'm happy to be offering my best discount on VibePlate until the end of the year. Scroll down for more information and to grab your coupon code.

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Whole-Body Vibration (WBV)

Whole-Body Vibration (WBV) can bring about improvement in whole body recruitment of the neuro-musculoskeletal system when performing static posture, or further improvement when integrating simple and dynamic motion during vibration. Vibration will enhance muscle strength, power, flexibility, as well as enhance the synergy of the response due to rhythmic neurological and muscle firing (this occurs when using synchronous whole-body vibration vs multi-plane vibration platforms).

The history of vibration is mentioned dating back to the Ancient Greeks, but the Russian space program receives much-deserved credit for using and validating vibration therapy. In the 1960s the race for the moon was a historic focus. The fact of 0 gravity conditions in outer space caused severe deterioration of bone mineral density and muscle tissue, therefore leading to other health deterioration. It was the Russians that invented vibration plates and used Whole Body Vibration (WBV) in 0 gravity conditions. The vibration worked to simulate the forces of gravity when there wasn’t any and the Russian cosmonauts were able to maintain bone mineral density and muscle strength at a miraculous level for the current time. Instead of being too weak to walk upon returning from orbit, the Russian cosmonauts were returning from space in physical shape way beyond the United States astronauts. And this was achieved after spending much longer durations in orbit. This witnessing the drastic differences between the return of those in orbit completely perplexed the world. Although the United States ultimately claimed the moon, the unveiling of the physical improvements in zero gravity was not known until decades later. The Russians moved Whole Body Vibration to the secrecy of the athletic program and this gave additional advantages over everyone else in human performance displayed on the world stage.

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WBV is commonly known to improve bone density and also increases circulation of the blood and lymphatics. A variety of studies also validate the notable increase in growth hormone. Benefits improve recovery in athletes and anti-aging benefits in patients. Searching the topic “neuromechanobiology” in PubMed will therefore carry over to the benefits specific provided by the mechanical stimulus of WBV and the system benefits to every cell and tissue in the body.

WBV has been well referenced to slow progression and reverse many common conditions such as neurodegenerative disorders, stroke, spinal cord injury. WBV has benefits to fibromyalgia and pain conditions (increase muscle spindle firing therefore inhibiting type C pain fibers), low back pain, urinary incontinence, osteoporosis, loss of balance, therefore helping the aged population with decrease physical capacity and for those losing their independence of daily living.

During normal forms of exercise, your muscles contract one or two times per second. Exercising on a VibePlate® causes your muscles to contract 10 to 60 times a second. Unlike other forms of exercise which work on only about 40% of your muscle fibers, VibePlate® training works on up to 90% of your muscle fibers to help you strengthen muscles and develop more muscle tissue. This leads to increased muscle density and increased strength. You’ll enjoy improved balance, coordination and posture, and increased bone density. When using the synchronous wave vibration you recruit nerves and muscles in patterns that work in perfect amplified harmony. This is true whether you are standing or performing any variety of movements. I am only aware of VibePlate providing the specific synchronous wave vibration vs other company's random shaking. The more muscles you can recruit the stronger you will be, the healthier you will be, the more athletic you will be and your quality of life will improve. And Whole Body Synchronous Vibration synergistically synchronizes the whole body when doing any isolated or multi-axial movement. 

Whole-Body Synchronous Vibration (WBV) has many acute, chronic and performance applications. Check out PerformancePracticTV to see our growing library of videos on this and other important topics.

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Immune Enhancement

What Can “Synchronous” Whole-Body Vibration Therapy (integrated with Low Level Laser Therapy) Do for You, Your Clinic, and Your Patients?

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