A Blessing for Self-Acceptance
May you be blessed with the Gift of Self-Acceptance. Please know that you are seen, heard and validated by the higher realms, the spirit family, the angels and so many here on earths floor. You’ve been recognized TODAY as a kind, loving, patient, giving person whom doesn’t always get acknowledged for what you do. So, we would like to Acknowledge and Love You.

Please be Aware and Awakened to your strengths versus your weaknesses.
Please be Aware and Awakened to your talents versus your inability’s.
Please be Aware and Awakened to your Self-Esteem versus your insecurities.

Self-Acceptance isn’t an automatic gift for everyone. Some have to really work very hard to receive this gift of Self-Acceptance. It isn’t so hard to accept the good parts of our life, but when we are shown differently, told something or a mirror is held up in front of us to see the not so good parts of us, we begin to doubt ourselves and feel unconfident.  Self-Acceptance is accepting all facets of yourself. It is embracing who you are, in all conditions, situations and attributes, whether positive or negative.

Your Spirit Message today is to see the True Light of Self-Acceptance in everything you do, and if you need some adjustments, then this message is to remind you that you are able to Adjust and make the shifts in the Gift of Self-Acceptance.  Be Strong and take time for what you would like to do for YOU. Give yourself the same compassion as you give to others. Self-Acceptance allows you to be you, even when things aren’t always right. So please honor your space, your time, your embodiment, and that of what you may have been looking for on the outside of you, has truly and always been within.
In Love and Light
Mary Martin Medium (3M)

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