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5 Definitions you should know


Hello Carolina,

Definitions enable us to have a common understanding o word and key concepts; they help us to be on the same page with others when discussing or reading about a specific subject, and this is particularly important when discussing topics of child safety. 

As adults we can make a real difference in the prevention of abuse and the protection of children if get informed, get educated and if we work together.

Do you know what is considered:

1- Child abuse:

Is any form of physical, emotional and/or sexual mistreatment that causes emotional damage to the child.

The misuse of power and/or a breach of trust are part of all types of child abuse." - Red Cross Canada

2- Grooming:

Is the slow and meticulous process of building trust and comfort with a child (and often, his/her family) by an adult or person in a position of power, as a means to be able to gain access to the child to abuse him/her.

3- Gaslighting:

Is a type of emotional abuse where the bully or abuser misleads and confuses the victim, creating a false narrative and making the victim question his/her own judgment. The victim of gaslighting starts to feel unsure about how things happened, to the point where they will believe whatever their abusers tell them, instead of the actual facts.


4- Primary victim:

A person who has suffered any form of abuse; the abuse could have happened in the past, in the present, one single time or in multiple occasions.

5- Secondary victim:

"A person who is present at the scene of an act of violence and who is injured as a direct result of witnessing the act."1

When a person is a victim of crime others are affected too. Parents, loved ones, children, and friends have many of the same emotions and struggles as the primary victim. 


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Now we have a short survey for you:

Which definition you think you'll remember better?
1- Child abuse
2- Grooming
3- Gaslighting
4- Primary victim
5- Secondary victim


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