Welcome to the SEO Blueprint, a 30 day self-paced program to help you master SEO one day at a time. Constructed with business owners, like you in mind, most of the assignments require little or no technical skills.
How it works:
Every day you will get an email with a quick tip, worksheet, podcast or short video. Learning SEO in little bites will help you develop a sustainable SEO maintenance routine for your website. Many of the resources for this program are housed inside the Digital Toolbox. You will need to log in to access. 
Day One Tools:

Day One Assignmen
  • Log in to the Digital Toolbox. Contact simon@roundpeg.biz if you have not received your login credentials. 
  • You will also need login credentials for your Google Analytics, your website and domain. Reach out to your web host if you do not have this information. 
That's it for now!