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January 2024

Out and About With Scout and Archie

Thrive - Not Just Survive

Scout and Archie love the winter months - the colder the better. I on the other hand, just can't wait for more sun and shorts weather. By the time I hit February, I know have have to create a life style that helps me not only survive but thrive in the winter months. Regardless of the woes winter can bring, there are several ways to care for yourself (especially your mental health) and survive the colder days.

Here are a few ideas...

Go Outside, Really

Whether you go outside for a full-on cardio session or just for a short walk through nature, sunlight and the winter air might be just what the doctor ordered to help you “chill” out.

Keep A Gratitude Journal

There are many benefits to keeping a gratitude journal, especially when the winter blues settle in. Gratitude can improve your mood, self-esteem, and all-around positivity.

Hydrate Your Body

The winter air can act like a moisture vacuum placed on your skin. Make sure you’re using lotion and moisturizer to hydrate those dry, flaky areas. Drinking enough water each day is also a necessity you shouldn’t neglect.

Treat Yourself

After a long day of shivering and sniffling, sometimes you just need to give yourself a break and indulge in a sweet treat—like hot cocoa. As it turns out, it can do more good for your body than just warming it up.

Let There Be Light

Unfortunately, winter weather may cause many people to experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a condition that mimics the symptoms of depression due to the lack of sunlight and vitamin D. To combat SAD, talk to your healthcare provider and take a vitamin D supplement (if recommended) or try light therapy.

Move Your Body

As we all know, exercise is important year-round—especially during winter. Exercising in colder temperatures can actually torch more calories than normal. But if hypothermia-inducing cardio isn’t your cup of tea, try exercising indoors. There are many indoor workouts you can do in your living room.

Slow Down

Winter can add stress to your day, especially if it’s around the holidays. So, a few times a week, wrap yourself up in a blanket and just take ten or 15 minutes to wind down and simply be in the moment—this is a great way to reset your brain. If you need help meditating, there are many online resources to help you get started.

Surround Yourself With Good People

What does goodness look like to you? Friends? Family? Your three dogs? Whatever it may be, be sure to prioritize quality time with things that bring you joy.

Pursue Your Passion

Whatever you’re interested in, whether it’s painting, music, or something else entirely, invest time in it. Winter can be a great time to slow down and pursue new hobbies and discover the things that you enjoy.

Neighborhood Buzz

Let Me Tell You—Here Is Why the West Village

Will Forever Be Cool

Everyone has a different opinion about the best neighborhoods in New York.

It’s now my turn to chime in and argue that the West Village was, is and always will be the most enduringly cool neighborhood in New York.

There are plenty of reasons behind my position: locals and tourists will never pass up a chance to walk around the West Village, area restaurants are, mostly, hard reservations to get and apartments in the region are some of the most expensive, exclusive and sought-after addresses around town.

Turns out, the everlasting “it” factor of the West Village depends on a confluence of elements, from the area’s architecture to its history.

Let’s start with the charm. Sure, some Brooklyn townhouses boast the same aura of New York authenticity, indirectly heralding back to the days of yore, but there’s something about downtown Manhattan that reeks of all things endearing.

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New York’s First Michelin-Starred Mexican Spot Opens a New Restaurant

Cosme and Luis Aguilar opened their first new restaurant in years, a seafood bar called Quique Crudo (27 Bedford Street, near Downing Street). Whether it’s the star or the new space, the Aguilars decided now is the time to try something new.

About a third of the menu comes from Casa Enrique — dishes like sopes, enchiladas, and fried oysters that have become staples at the original restaurant. They feel more impressive at Quique Crudo. While Casa Enrique has a full commercial kitchen, here, they’re made on induction burners in a kitchen barely wide enough for two cooks to pass through side by side.

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The WV Finally Has a Dog Run For Small Dogs

The Hudson River Park just included a separate run for small dogs at the newly constructed Gansevoort Peninsula’s dog run, which opened on Dec. 11. Decades of struggle paid off as, along with a run for all-size dogs, this facility also includes a separate training enclosure.

The run for dogs under 23 pounds is very needed since small dogs can be at risk in an all-size run, where we must trust the common dog-sense and educated good intention of the other dog owners using the run. The quick movements of small dogs can trigger a potentially dangerous prey drive in larger dogs.

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A Chic French Residential Hotel Is Opening

In New York’s Downtown

Maison Villeroy is a very distinctive hotel in Paris: intimate, private, luxe without being showy about it. Starting November 13th, its parent company The Collection, which operates ultra luxury properties in London, St. Barths, St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and Courchevel apart from Paris renting for weekly or monthly stays, is bringing that style to New York with the opening of Maison Hudson. This time, though, the property bordering the Hudson River in New York’s Far West Village is being fashioned for a minimum stay of 30 days only.

Given the design, accoutrements, and services plus the vitality of the neighborhood surrounding it, anyone planning that length of stay in New York should definitely consider moving in.

Eight residences will be available to rent, ranging from a one-bedroom, open plan, 811 foot space ($32,000 a month) to a three bedroom, 2205 square foot layout that occupies an entire floor ($105,500 a month.) All, however, share panoramic views over the river and the design elements created by New York designer Thomas Juul-Hansen that blend sumptuous, contemporary, curved furniture and leather covered wardrobes by the Italian company Giorgetti.

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Permits Filed For 180 Christopher Street In West Village, Manhattan

Permits have been filed for a 16-story residential building at 180 Christopher Street in West Village, Manhattan. Located between Washington Street and West Street, the lot is near the Christopher Street-Sheridan Square subway station. Housing Works is listed as the owner behind the applications and current runs the Bailey House at that address, a six-story building used for congregate housing for the homeless and those with HIV.

The proposed 181-foot-tall development will yield 43,125 square feet designated for residential space. The building will have 75 residences, most likely rentals based on the average unit scope of 575 square feet.

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Show Up Single and Leave with a Fling at These Bars in NYC

While some might look down on being single (tsk tsk), the majority of New Yorkers agree that it’s actually an entirely powerful and transformative part of life that should be reveled in.

And since we live in the greatest city in the world—where there’s no shortage of fellow eligible city dwellers—it’s time to get out there and find other singles looking to celebrate this shared freedom (or rather take a cheeky break from going home alone for a night).

Whether you’re just trying to avoid all the couples cozying up at romantic restaurants, lose yourself on a steamy dance floor with friends, or strike up convo with a cutie (or two) in the bathroom line, don’t let the search for the “right” places to hang stress you out. Here are some of the best singles bars in NYC.

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Cleared to Close

148 West 23rd St, #10B

Spectacular Sunny Loft Living in Chelsea.

Step into the epitome of New York loft living at 148 West 23rd St. #10B. This exceptional loft apartment in Chelsea offers a unique blend of historic charm and modern luxury, all set against the backdrop of iconic city views.

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In-Contract - 88 Horatio St, # 3C

Charming Studio Apartment with Modern Elegance now $485,000.

Welcome to your own piece of Manhattan magic! This beautifully designed studio apartment in the heart of the West Village offers a perfect blend of classic charm and contemporary convenience.

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If you are considering selling your home, I would love to share with you my "front loading"marketing strategies and staging ideas.

Scout and Archie's Scoop

That's Salty!

Some New Yorkers just love to pour salt onto the sidewalks - even before it snows. Pup parents remember - when it comes to rock salts used in ice melts, these substances can be very bad for for our paws.

Besides wiping paws after each walk, there is a whole bunch more info on how to keep you baby's protected.

Click here to learn more.

xo - Scout and Archie

A Bit About Me

A New York City resident for over 25 years and a West Village homeowner for over 18, I am passionate about this city and am devoted to making each client interaction an exciting and rewarding experience. It is a passion of mine to assist buyers, sellers, renters and investors to help them achieve real estate success. An expert in marketing, communication and negotiation, I skillfully guide clients with extensive market knowledge and my unfailing can-do attitude. A full-service agent, I work closely with top-tier real estate attorneys, mortgage bankers, financial advisors and stagers to facilitate all aspects of of my clients' needs.

For the past 13 years, I have served as a member of my coop board and have a deep knowledge for running a building in NYC. I currently live on Charles Street with my husband, Shuki, and our rescue dogs, Scout and Archie. I am passionate about giving back to our NYC community and continually support and volunteer with many charities and nonprofits include AIDS Walk NY, Cycle for Survival and the Sato Project.

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