Let's get right to the point:  RINO Charles Djou is anything BUT a 'mainstream Republican' or a 'centrist' or a so-called 'moderate'.  Though he pretends otherwise, Djou is so LIBERAL that he almost makes RINO Beth Fukumoto seem like a conservative.  

With that said, perennial big government candidate Djou is currently looking to exploit the demise of Democrat congressman Mark Takai's health by running in 2016 for what political consultants call "an open seat".  One week from today marks the deadline for politicians to file papers to be on the ballot for August's primary election.  Yet only a few weeks ago, Djou was
toying with the idea of running for Honolulu mayor .  But now, Takai's announcement that his cancer is getting worse effectively opened the door for closet Democrat Djou and card-carrying Democrat Colleen Hanabusa to have a CD1 rematch.

As HIRA founder, communications director and new president Eric Ryan told Hawaii News Now , "From our point of view (Djou is) a terrible candidate. He's a fake Republican.  To find differences between Charles Djou and a mainstream Democrat, you'd need a microscope to find the differences."  As HIRA has exposed previously, Djou openly hates conservatives and Tea Partiers .  And along with Beth "booed off the stage" Fukumoto and most Hawaii GOP leaders, Djou is probably the biggest Trump hater in the local Republican Party.

If you put away the microscope to look at Djou's big picture, things get pretty scary as you examine his record on the major issues that matter most.  In fact, one cannot help but wonder how he gets away with even running as a Republican.  As conservative GOP Senator Sam Slom explains, Djou tries to get away with it by running away from the Republican Party:  "If leaders of your party run away from the brand, how do you expect to attract more people?"
Now, Democrat consultants LOVE Djou because he's so much like them.  It speaks volumes that Democrat Ernie Martin's campaign consultant is known to serve as Djou's campaign manager.  And current Democrat party officers are known to be Djou fundraisers.  [More about this in an upcoming story from HIRA about Democrat infiltration of the Hawaii GOP.]  For now, let's focus on the issues that make Djou a Democrat, not just the hidden connections to the Democrat Party.  Sad but true, Colleen Hanabusa and Charles Djou have a LOT in common.
On last week's TV news story about Djou's possible 2016 candidacy for Congress, progressive RINO party chairman Fritz Rohlfing had this to say about Djou:  "He fits the bill perfectly."  Sorry, buddy.  Conservatives and real Republicans do NOT agree with you at all.  Just as Beth Fukumoto pretends to be a Republican but really is NOT, what follows are HIRA's Top Six Reasons Djou isn't a "mainstream Republican", but actually a closet Democrat.   SPOILER ALERT:  Djou's positions on key issues are IDENTICAL to Hanabusa's.

As Djou himself admits"My position on immigration is different from the majority of national Republicans."  During his last run for Congress (2014, his third one), Djou boasted to the liberal news media:  "I support comprehensive immigration reform. As a congressman, I voted in favor of the DREAM Act and cosponsored legislation to expand the number of high technology visas for foreign nationals who earn degrees in engineering and sciences in the U.S. I support a plan that could allow undocumented immigrants who pay a fine and properly apply for legalization in their home country to find a path to legal residency."

Yes indeed, Djou certainly abused his position to push the Democrat agenda during his very brief tenure in Congress as a fake Republican who supports importing cheap foreign labor.  The controversial DREAM Act was acted on by the U.S. House during a late-night session in December 2010 with a vote of 216 - 198.  While 38 Democrats decided to vote "no" on the bill, 8 Republican RINOS including Charles Djou flipped and voted "yes" to pass the legislation.  Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), the incoming Judiciary Committee chairman, rebuked Djou and the other RINOs:  "The DREAM Act is a nightmare for the American people. It insults American workers, American taxpayers, and anyone who believes in the rule of law.  The DREAM Act hurts millions of Americans who have lost their jobs, are under-employed or are threatened with layoffs. It puts the interests of illegal immigrants ahead of those of law-abiding Americans."
While Charles Djou and other closet Democrats in Hawaii's GOP join with real Democrats in pretending that our islands have no illegal immigration problem -- "Here in Hawaii, we don't have the illegal immigration problem that other states have," says Djou -- the REALITY is that Hawaii has a big illegal immigration problem.  Hawaii News Now reports that Oahu alone has 40,000 illegals of driving age who are stealing jobs from Hawaii residents by working illegally, off the books, for lower wages; simultaneously congesting our highways, driving up rental housing prices, and not having to worry about lax law enforcement questioning them about their immigration status thanks to all seven of Djou's RINO buddies in the State House who helped make Hawaii a 'sanctuary state'.
On a national scale, Djou's amnesty would insult Hawaii workers, Hawaii taxpayers, and Hawaii's law-abiding citizens.  As Djou said:  "I was the most independent member of Hawaii's congressional delegation and broke ranks with pretty much almost any - more so than almost any other Republican and I'm proud of that."

Don't be surprised by this :  Charles Djou actually created the bloated and costly rail construction bureaucracy known as HART; a Hawaii's home for incompetent Democrats, special interest bureaucrats, and good old boys from the Mufi Hannemann and Kirk Caldwell administrations to receive excessive salaries while socking it to taxpayers.  That's right, Djou actually wrote and introduced the bill to create the Honolulu Authority for Rail Transit.  Then Djou advocated for passage of the bill, got Honolulu's City Charter amended, and made the money-sucking HART a permanent part of our overpriced and overtaxed lives in the islands.
Democrat Mayor Mufi Hannemann was happy to sign Djou's ill-conceived bill and help to push for HART's adoption along with a drooling Kirk Caldwell, GOP turncoat Peter Carlisle, and the rest of the greedy Democrat Machine and Rail Syndicate.  What kind of phony "fiscal conservative" takes the lead in creating a new, costly, government bureaucracy??  Charles Djou.

Rail opponent Cliff Slater warned voters about the mess that Djou was trying to make:  "All that the Authority (HART) will do is insulate our elected officials from any accountability for the inevitable cost overruns, ridership shortfalls and traffic congestion that will be caused by rail's construction."  The irrefutable arguments of Slater and many others who predicted disaster fell on Djou's deaf ears.
You see, back in 2009, as his time on the City Council was winding down, City Councilman Djou was preparing to run for Congress.  You remember back when he fired his council staff in order to put his campaign team of Democrats on the City payroll, don't you?  This was around the same time Djou ignored the sage advice of actual conservatives in order to throw a large bone named "HART" to the Rail Syndicate; with Djou pandering to Democrat special interests by giving them exactly what they wanted:  the creation of a brand new government bureaucracy to gobble up the billions of tax dollars collected for the rail project.
We all know what an expensive disaster HART has turned out to be.  Djou's new agency has run amok!!  Once Djou's HART got created, the $3.7 billion pricetag for rail MORE THAN DOUBLED to $8.1 billion -- and it continues to rise each time you watch the news.  Thanks for nothing Chucky.  Instead of running for Congress, how about staying here on Oahu and cleaning up the gigantic mess you made?  Folks, keep reminding yourself that Charles Djou actually created HART, which is fleecing you every single dayYes, he actually wrote the bill on HART.  It doesn't get much worse than that.

Djou leaves no mystery at all about where he stands on the Democrats' unconstitutional power grab for centralized control and expanded government involvement by Federal bureaucrats:  "I support having standards, such as Common Core, for what a child should know at each grade level."  Well, there you go.  Ronald Reagan wanted to eliminate the wasteful and left-leaning U.S. Department of Education, which was created by Democrat Jimmy Carter.  But Charles Djou wants to make that bloated bureaucratic department even bigger and even more powerful with greater reach into our local schools.  That's not fiscally conservative.  That's just plain liberal.  Just ask anyone following this issue like conservatives do.  Common Core is a disaster.

Djou's very first vote cast during his brief tenure in office as a congressman was to support the LGBT agenda of allowing Obama to use the U.S. Armed Forces as a social engineering playground through allowing homosexuals to "serve openly".  Djou was one of a mere five House Republicans to vote to repeal the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy on gays in the military.  [See section 536 of HR 5136 (2010)]

As expected, Djou was nowhere to be found during the lengthy debates and special legislative session on same-sex marriage -OR- the the 'Porno Choices' sex education curriculum designed to teach 11-year-olds all about LGBT sex practices in an effort to normalize deviant behavior from a young age .  In fact, Charles Djou went out of his way to join RINO's Pat Saiki and Barbara Marumoto in endorsing closet Democrat Cynthia Thielen over her 2014 conservative GOP primary opponent Joan Hood so that Thielen could continue supporting the Pono Choices policy of teaching your children the ins and outs of gay sexDjou opposed having a conservative Republican like Joan Hood who would have voted against such terrible legislation.  Instead, Djou's (and Miriam Hellreich's) candidate Cynthia Thielen actually sponsored the 'Porno Choices' bill.
Despite exploiting the political resources of island Christians in the socially conservative Republican community to get himself briefly elected to Congress in the 2010 special election, Djou delivered the same pro-LGBT results they would have gotten from Hanabusa or Ed Case.  Shocked by Djou's duplicity, Christian conservatives and real Republicans are no longer supporting Djou.  And you can't blame them one bit.

There's a simple reason why Hawaii Right to Life (now known as Aloha Life Advocates) will NOT endorse Charles Djou for Congress.  In the words of its executive director Janet Grace (now known as Janet Hochberg), "he believes abortion law is settled."  Djou is okay with Roe v. Wade and is less-than-enthusiastic about trying to change the abortion law.  Further, Djou believes it's okay to kill human embryos for research and use taxpayer funds to do.

Such attitudes add up to a classic, Democrat 'pro-choice' position .  And the local chapter of the national right-to-life group which generally backs Republicans who share its anti-abortion views opted NOT to endorse Charles Djou, the likely GOP nominee in the 1st Congressional District race.
Grace added:  "We don't believe the abortion issue is finished," she said. "That's why we need strong men and women in our local and national governments to work toward repealing these laws that harm innocent people."  Charles Djou simply isn't one of those 'strong men'.  And liberals never will be.

Politician Djou doesn't talk about his hopes of creating a segregated, discriminatory Hawaii in which OHA has been transformed into a wasteful new government . . . because he would never get elected.  So if you are hearing about this for the first time, don't be surprised about Djou's liberal thinking.
Kowtowing to Democrat power brokers and special interest groups on the eve of his 1st run for Congress in 2010, Djou threw his support to the Akaka Bill which seeks to create a new government for part-Hawaiians only.  The "Akaka Bill" which was designed by Democrats to make government bigger and more expensive by letting OHA transform into a full-fledged government; a government which will wastefully and deliberately duplicate the existing departments, agencies and programs of federal, state and county governments for the already overtaxed people of Hawaii to pay for.
From his days on the City Council, fiscal liberal and Akaka Bill-supporting racemonger Charles Djou voted in lockstep with liberals to help the Democrat Party and sovereignty groups divide Hawaii along ethnic lines.  He wants to do this by creating a very expensive and discriminatory government for part-Hawaiians only and in the process destroy the Aloha Spirit forever, as if he truly believes that more government is a good idea and that ethnic groups should have their own government in order for everyone to be happy and prosperous.  That's the nutty logic which Djou supports.

Hawaii Republicans have enough problems.  We don't need someone who'll use his congressional office to create another bureaucracy or divide people by ethnicity.  You need to know what Hawaii News Now reported when Djou lost in 2010:  "Djou also says he got a lot of commitments from Republican colleagues to support the Akaka bill, but isn't so sure his Democrat opponents will be able to do the same."  Should progressive Djou ever return to Congress, he'll actively pursue this racist, big government agenda in clear violation of the U.S. Constitution and repeated U.S. Supreme Court rulings against racism.  And Colleen Hanabusa is renewing her commitments to her fellow Democrats to do the exact same thing.
Djou claims to be a fiscal conservative -- "I've built my career on being fiscally responsible," boasts Djou.  Yet once again, we must ask the question:  What kind of phony "fiscal conservative" would want to help Democrats make Hawaii government even bigger, more expensive, and more wasteful while making Democrats and their special interest buddies even more powerful?  A 'centrist' like Charles Djou.  That's who!
Fellow Republicans, Charles Djou is on the wrong side of giant issues which clearly separate Republicans and conservatives from Democrats and liberals.  Let's get real.  While Djou was in Congress, he had a more liberal voting record than Democrats.  In fact, he was the 2nd MOST LIBERAL Republican in the entire Congress.  Do Djou's supporters have any idea that he is really a Democrat using the Hawaii GOP for access to the ballot?  Probably not.
What matters is that the Hawaii GOP has a hard enough time taking on Democrats when so many of our own candidates and incumbents and party officers are full-blown RINO's.  That's why it makes perfect sense Rohlfing and Saiki and Marumoto think that Djou's Democrat positions are perfectly fine.
Djou's repeated efforts to saddle taxpayers with wasteful new bureaucracies is anything BUT fiscally conservative.  Likewise, his pushing of progressive social policies is anything BUT socially conservative.
Island Democrats do a good enough job by themselves pushing the liberal agenda.  We don't need Djou and his enablers sucking GOP resources of time (just 23 weeks till general election), money, and effort into the mission of pushing that same LIBERAL agenda.  But that's what will happen if the Hawaii GOP keeps lurching to the left to accommodate RINO's like Charles Djou.
Hawaii voters deserve a choice.  Against Hanabusa, unfortunately, Djou offers a Beth Fukumoto-esque echo of the very policies that Democrats already offer.  HIRA provided six reasons above that Djou is a closet Democrat.  The total list is actually much longer.
HIRA encourages brave men and women with courage, conviction, and the will to fight for freedom to run for office in 2016 and beyond.  We hope and pray that Republican candidates step forward to fight the increasingly destructive Democrat monopoly rule in Hawaii which obviously deserves the credit for 62 years of failed policies.  The deadline to get on the ballot is one week away (June 7th).

But as HIRA will report to you in the days ahead, Hawaii's GOP leaders have already written off 2016 as a loss and will provide no support to its candidates.  You can thank RINO party leaders Fritz Rohlfing, Andrew Walden and the rest of their officer team at next year's state convention . . . which, thanks to HIRA, party leaders failed in their effort to cancel.

Let's elect new party officers in 2017 and get down to the business of selling the public on our conservative solutions to Hawaii's (and the nation's) problems.  After 62 years of one-party governance, Hawaii deserves better than Democrats have to offer.   Once the Hawaii GOP is under new and improved management, the 2018 election will look a LOT more promising at the state and county level than the slow-motion RINO-caused trainwreck of 2016.


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