PHILIPPINES - Catalyst Leadership Academy (CLA) kicked off its intensive

7 week program last month with enthusiasm and expectation! 

In its 15th year, CLA has been shaping emerging and established leaders

of this generation into empowered citizens ready to reach out to their communities and live out the gospel of Christ. CLA provides training and learning experiences to grow participants and leaders holistically into

new levels of leadership.


This year's theme - Kalinow - means "Peace Now". Sparking the flame of growth, peace empowers leaders in a chaotic world with unity and harmony and is an expression of God's kingdom (Romans 14:17).



One of many highlights during CLA - 442 student leaders from Davao Oriental State University attended Global Impact's Limitless Youth Summit!


A 3 day FIRESTARTERS special training for Pastors and Leaders kicked off this year's CLA with topics such as "Pursuing Purpose" and "Serving God from Passion". Worship and sharing of testimonies brought inspiration and encouragement.

Opportunities to implement all that was learned came through outreaches to the community to impart blessings and prayers.

Finally, marking the culmination of exceptional growth, a graduation celebration was held to honor the emergence of visionary leaders ready to shape a brighter tomorrow along with God.

A highlight of week 1 was the Emotional Empowerment Day for Women Leaders. Agency heads, leaders and influencers in various government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), schools, ministries and churches from southern Philippines attended.

Pastor Amy and Doc Nama taught the topics Emotional Intelligence, The Biology Of Emotion, Regulating Emotions and Processing Emotions giving our participants a truly amazing day of ministry, growth and empowerment!


Week 2 was a deeper training with pastoral sessions including the topic of “Servant Leadership.” Servant leaders strengthen the people and empower those entrusted to their care with an attitude of service not superiority. Let us embrace this and cultivate a culture of service in all we do!

The "Adventure Leadership" session embraces the spirit of adventure where challenges become opportunities and growth knows no bounds! Unleash your inner explorer, push your limits, and discover the incredible potential that lies within you.

CATALYST a person that takes action and creates transformation


The first of CLA's Limitless Youth Summit kicked off week 3 in partnership with Davao Oriental State University. Pastor Amy signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of collaboration between Global Impact and the university. A significant aspect of this partnership aims to prevent the recruitment of youth, women, and children by insurgency groups, as well as combat drug use and trafficking.

Coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures, these remarkable leaders from the university student body (442 participants!) share a common vision: to be catalysts of positive change in their communities and beyond.

We celebrate the limitless potential of our young emerging generation as they rise in leadership and inspire us all to dream bigger, aim higher, and make a difference that lasts for decades to come.


Week 4 included a three day practical leadership training "Basic Life Support (BLS)", which contributes to the country's national objective to make a "CPR ready Philippines" with at least one member of every household trained in Basic Life Support.

Knowing these essential life-saving skills equips our Global Impact staff, volunteers and CLA participants to better serve our community as we conduct ongoing outreaches in southern Philippines potentially saving lives in critical situations as well as providing assistance in emergencies. Educational lectures coupled with hands on training drills and assessment of skills ensured participants proficiency.

Thank You!

Special thanks to the Global Impact partners who made CLA possible with their generous funding.

So many lives are impacted and the nation is truly being changed!

Watch for PART TWO in next month's newsletter. For more CLA details and photos


Two of our eldest girls at Living Pearl Children's Home in Ukraine marked an exciting milestone - Graduation!

It was an unforgettable day as they prepared for the graduation ceremony and a fabulous prom. Pastor Sasha - Living Pearl Co-founder - took them for a delicious meal, shopping for graduation dresses and a salon visit.

The girls had a day full of joy, feeling loved and celebrated as they embraced their accomplishments!

As they eagerly await their admission to higher learning, may our Pearls continue to flourish in God's love, fulfilling their unique purpose with grace.

It has been a summer full of learning and fun for our kids at Living Pearl Children's Home in Ukraine!

BBQ's, trips to the lake, the movie theatre, and a very memorable trip to a ranch where they rode horses and interacted with the farm animals were summer highlights!

The kids were also blessed to take part in a wonderful celebration for International Children's Day which promotes the well-being of children worldwide because ALL children deserve love, health, education and protection!

We celebrate YOU who have partnered with us to make a difference in their lives - because of YOU they have hope. THANK YOU ❤️

To watch a short video on how you can help give a loving home to orphaned and abandoned children in Ukraine, visit

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