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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

On average, every minute of each day 24 Americans will be victims of violence extended from the hands of a loved one. Recognizing the thousands of innocent people being mistreated daily-- tens of millions annually-- and being aware of such abuses is the first step we can take in helping end these cycles of violence. 

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) can exist in any type of personal intimate relationship, regardless of sexual orientation, marital status, or gender. Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) also varies widely with victims often having very different experiences. Physical violence, sexual violence, stalking and psychological aggression by a current or former intimate partner are the most common types of abuse. In adolescence this is called Teen Partner Violence (TPV) and it affects millions of our teenagers every year.

Domestic Violence can exist with IPV but also describes any violence occurring within a household regardless of the familial relationship between victim and offender. 1 of every 15 children are exposed to abuse and 90% of them are innocent eyewitnesses to this violence happening in their own homes. *

Over 20,000 phone calls are placed to Domestic Violence hotlines daily. Victims typically suffer multiple assaults or related abuses before they finally gain confidence or are in such fear for their lives before they reach out for help. In such a time of crisis and desperation, the care they receive on a call is crucial to their safety. This month Serving USA highlights four of our outstanding partners who answer these calls and are expert organizations working with these victims:

These programs offer confidential comprehensive support services comprising of safety plans, legal and mental health services. Their emergency and transitional shelters also allow parents living with children, a critical component in keeping families together to heal from their trauma. Outreach and education opportunities are offered for communities, victims, offenders, and youth to better understand the complexities of IPV and DV. Planning for the future, victims can find continued education, job, and vocational training, as well as immediate employment opportunities when appropriate.

Together these four organizations reach over 11,000 victims each year and Serving USA is proud to support their life-changing efforts. 

We can all work together to break the cycle of violence, read on for further opportunities where you personally can make an impact.

*National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

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94-99% of Domestic Violence Survivors Have Also Experienced Economic Abuse

Domestic abuse takes many forms including economic and financial abuse. Signs of this abuse can include maintaining control over financial resources, withholding access to money, or even attempting to prevent a victim/survivor from working or attending school in hopes to control the individual and create financial dependence.

Victims of domestic violence may be unable to leave an abusive partner or be forced to return to an abusive partner for economic reasons.

Click on the button below to learn about the different forms of economic abuse and what to do if you believe you are in an economically abusive relationship.

Domestic Violence and Economic Abuse
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How Janet And Her Five Children's Lives Changed Forever


Can you image mothering 5 kids without a home to return to? Or planning for a new baby’s arrival with nothing prepared? 

It’s hard to see it in Janet's smile today, but if you take a close look, it’s there: the pain and fear of violence once endured, and memories of desperation after a lost job led to a lost home: “We spent the day in parks and driving around because we had no place to go. It was exhausting, packing up every day to get back in our car and drive around again.”

Exhaustion turned to relief when Janet was referred to Door of Hope a few months ago. Here she found a place they could begin their journey towards healing. 

Thanks to you, and the support of her case manager, Janet is working hard to get back on her feet again. She’s also preparing to give birth to her new baby in just a few weeks. “Now we can come home, we can bring the baby home!! I am able to start preparing. Everybody hits the bottom to get back to the top. I am not at the bottom anymore because of Door of Hope, before that I was. Now I have hope for our future...together."

Help Other Women Like Janet Find Hope Again
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Converse Hope Center (CHC) serves victims of crime in Converse County, empowering them and inspiring hope through crisis intervention, advocacy, prevention, youth programs, and survivor support services.

They also provide survivors access to the tools, resources and support they need to thrive after their victimization. 

Support Victims with CHC

Marjaree Mason Center provides emergency and longer-term Safe Housing, along with a wide variety of support services for victims of domestic violence in Fresno County.

Click on the button below to donate to Marjaree Mason center and help create a community free of domestic violence.

Help Provide Safe Housing
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Mighty Oaks' new documentary, Never Fight Alone, is a story of God's transformational power to turn tragedy into triumph and how one man's brokenness from war became a pathway for countless Veterans to experience freedom and healing from their battles with PTSD.

Click on the button below to stream Never Fight Alone for FREE on Tubi!

Stream Never Fight Alone Here

Saint John's - Party For Change

Join Saint John's Program for Real Change at Sacramento's event-of-the-season and help support formerly homeless women and children. This elegant black tie gala will feature fine cuisine, delicious wines, dazzling entertainment, music and dancing, and a live auction.


Saint John's is looking for volunteers to help with this event on October 15th and 16th. Apply to be a volunteer here!


Mather Jet Center - Sacramento, CA


Saturday, October 16, 2021 5:30p.m.

Learn More About the Event Here

Rebirth Homes - Annual Fall Festival

Join Rebirth Homes for an outdoor Cornhole Tournament and BBQ dinner to provide healing opportunities for survivors of human trafficking.


The Grove Community Church - Riverside, CA


Thursday, October 28, 2021 6:00p.m.

Buy Your Ticket or Make a Donation Here

Establish A Marketing Plan

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Establish a stable marketing plan to identify realistic goals, where you want your organization to be, and how you plan to get it there. This will help everyone in your organization stay on-track and aligned with the same objectives.

Use Multiple Channels

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Don't stick to one or two channels when it comes to marketing. Stay connected with your audience through your website, social media, emails, mail, phone calls, etc.

Get Your Donation Doubled!

When you donate directly to Serving USA, any gift that you make gets doubled through the generosity of one of our major donors. Additionally, 100% of your gift and 100% of the matching donation will go directly to these ministries.

Nothing is set aside or allocated for overhead or general administration.

Donate To Serving USA Partners


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