Sew in the Know!

Summer is NOT over! There I said it out loud. It is however time for late summer and early fall fairs!

The last weekend in August, I entered 2 quilts and several other items in the Coe Hill Fair.

It's the first time I have ever entered a quilt - and I won a first and third prize for the two quilts.

I have to say - I was surprised! I was a little timid about having my quilts up for all to critique - but then I realized that looking at others' quilts was my favourite part of the fair.

So go ahead - enter one or more of your quilts in a local fair! I can tell you that the quilts you all send me to longarm are some of the most beautiful quilts I have seen - so don't be shy and get them to a fair to display! (See all the fall fairs listed to the right.)


Exciting news! I am working with Wendy at the Coe Hill Grocery Store - to teach a cool Quilting Class for a "Two Day" Canadiana Fireside Quilt! The class will take place in Coe Hill in a great community room beside the store. I am also working on a "Kit" so you have everything you need!

AND - I am working to make it a Facebook Live Event - so anyone can participate. Details soon....

Finally - WHERE Oh WHERE are all those quilts you are working on??? Send me pictures so I can highlight your great work.

And be sure to see the tip about that run-away thread below...

Happy quilting,


(Be sure to read on - there's some great news below!)

Sept. 6, 2023

Enter your quilt in a Fall Fair!

Search for a fair near you by clicking the button below!

Click here to find a "Fall Fair"

Be sure to get out to a local fair and get some inspiration in the handcrafters display - and check out some of the quilts!

Do you have a quilt (or two) that you would like to sell?

There is a great way to sell it - scroll down to find the information below!

LAST MINUTE Pick-up and Delivey Notice:

Tomorrow - Thursday September 7th I will be delivering in Aurora and King after 3 pm and in Hamilton and Waterdown at about 5 pm!

Request pick-ups here

(Don't forget - I have batting available at 15%-25% below regular retail prices.)

This Month's Tip - Capture that little offender!

Have you ever finsihed binding your quilt and then noticed a few dark coloured, wandering threads? Yes you know the ones you were sure that you clipped before sending the top to be quilted.....

There is a solution to getting those little imposters out of your quilt - fairly easily.

I have put together a short video on how to clean out those wandering threads - and all you need is a pair of cheater glasses from the dollar store - preferable a 3.25 magnification and a tiny crochet hook!

Watch the video here!


I keep adding short videos to this page - some fun, some instructional. If you are stumped about a process or would like to see how I do it - shoot me an email and ask for a video and I will get one up for you! Earn a $5 credit if I use your suggestion for a video!

Exclusive Pages...but you must log in!

Web site registration - exclusive pages

You can now create an account (register) on the web site so you can see exclusive pages - like the page where you can request I list your quilt for sale or the Quilters Buy and Sell. I have made it exclusive to members to cut down on SPAM and that way you know the seller should be a trusted member/quilter. Watch this video to see how easy it is to register on the site!

There will be more member pages coming soon! If you receive this email - you are pre-approved - all you need to do is set your password!

Watch this video!


Look in the upper right corner of the website and register so you can access member only pages!

Great new updates - List your quilt for sale!

As promised - this month I am launching and YOU can list quilts for sale on this page (soon to be separate site). If you are a PDQ member - you can list 3 quilts at no cost to you. That includes 4 pictures, a description and direct contact to you.

For all others there is a one time fee of $15 to list each quilt. You can read all about it here - however it is a member protected page so you will have to register on the site.

If you get this email you are pre-approved but I cannot set your password - you must do that! Watch this video to see how easy it is to register on the site!

Quilter's Buy and Sell - Another Member Only Page!

Have something you want to sell? Need something you just cannot find?

Send me your listing through the forms on this page - and I will list your item(s) and highlight them in the newsletter next month!

Customer Highlight... and.....Is YOUR quilt in MY video?

Customer Quilt!

Have you ever had a panel that you were not sure what to do with it? Here is a great example of a customer quilt that started with a panel! Great work Cathy!

What a great quilt for the upcoming season!

Is your Quilt in one of my videos? THANK YOU!

I have several videos on the web site showing the different ways that I quilt. IS YOUR quilt in one of the videos? Check out these videos I have on my Youtube Channel - you may see your quilt!

A Quilter's Shangri-la - Blog post

I still get excited thinking about the "next" quilt - even as I am in the middle of working on my last "next" quilt. It's an addiction - this constant need to gather several fabrics, cut it up into hundreds of pieces, arrange and re-arrange them and then sew them back together again! 

I know many quilters who feel quite the same. And once we have enough fabric cut for one block - many of us hurry to the sewing machine to assemble "just one" one block - to gt a sneak preview of what it may look like!  Read more here..

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