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They say that a clean house is the sign of a broken sewing machine - and "They" could not be more on the mark!

It's funny when I clean - I CLEAN. And when I sew - I SEW! I have sewn everything from curtains to underwear. (yes I have)

I have to admit to having an ADHD brain - which I see as a blessing - but I do tend to get hyper focussed and so admittedly I sometimes over do things! Like: "Hmmm what else can I quilt?" You can read more about that here.

I have some great news and ideas this month - so read on!

This past Wednesday I taught a workshop for the Moraine Quilter's Guild and we had a blast and all of us left tired - but happy! So here's a shout out to all the members for a spectacular day!

In some other developments - I am no longer quilting or teaching longarming for The Quilt Store in Newmarket or Burlington. If you would still like me to do your custom quilting or edge to edge quilting - please be sure to contact me.

I do offer pick up and delivery service at no extra charge to Bellevillle, Peterborough, Aurora, Newmarket and King area all the way to Hamilton, Burlington and Woodstock.

And finally - because I an now fully independent when it comes to providing services and products for my customers - I will let you all see some of the great savings I have available if you are interested.

And as I have said before and will say again......keep on quilting!

Mandie (the quilter)

Located in Limerick (Near Bancroft) Ontario, she travels hither, thither and yon to spread quilting merriment!


Join me for some quilting merriment in October!

Region of York Quilter's Guild - October 19th

May 11th 2024

My Mom's quick wit on taking a break....

I never realized that when I grew up - I would likely spend every day of my life, trying to figure out what to cook for supper! Oh the repetiton of daily life!

Recently my "Guy" suggested that to get out of the doldrums of daily routine that I decide each week to take a day for myself.

What a great idea! I chose Saturdays as they are my favourite days. In my 'careers' I even like working Saturdays - because people just behaved differently on Saturdays. So... I just do what I want. I may do laundry - or NOT. I may wash dishes - or NOT. And happily - he cooks dinner, brings me coffee, wine etc - it IS great.

I actually told my Mom - that this was something she should try. Just take a day for herself once a week.


Of course she told me all the reasons that this was impossible. Umm - just like MOM? I just sighed.

Then we continued to talk for about 20 minutes and I told her I would come to see her ( a long long drive ) late Wednesday night and that I would not need supper. All I would expect was coffee in the morning (no breakfast).

She paused a moment and then said, "I'm sorry - Thursday is my day off!"

I am still laughing.

Happy Wonder Woman and Mother's Day to all!

Pick up and Delivery

Have a quilt ready for me? Go ahead and let me know!

Make Quilting Affordable Again!

Are you tired of the high cost of backings and battings or other quilting supplies? Well I am here to tell you that I am trying to make quilting affordable again!

As a new service - I am now offering specials that I come across and can pass along to you. I have a growing selection of wide backings, precut kits in currrent fabric collections and may also soon have tools, and accessories that will help you create the quilt of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Don't let cost hold you back from expressing your creativity.

Take a look here at the current selection of backings and battings.


Please do not let a temporary 'shortage of funds' delay you from getting your quilt longarmed! Contact me - and we can work out a payment plan. (yes - we can!) And I can also offer Visa and Mastercard options. Contact me here to learn more.

Don't pull that thread! (Quick Tip!)

Oh yeah - we have all done it..... yanked on a stray thread. Sometimes we get lucky - and it pulls out easily - yes just a stray thread. And then... there is that time you pull and a seam unravels right before your eyes! Is the problem the thread or the thread puller? LOL. You decide!

But since we are on the topic of thread - I often have quilter's ask me what thread I use - and what threads that they should use when assembling their blocks.

Quilt Block Assembly and Quilting

The choice between cotton, polyester, or a combination thread depends on so many factors.

Cotton thread is known for its durability and ability to withstand the wear and tear of quilting projects. However - it does not have any 'give' and can break easily if a quilt or garment is stretched or pulled. It also leaves a lot of lint in your bobbin area - so if you use 100% coton threads for piecing - be sure to keep you bobbin area cleaned out.

Polyester threads - often avoided by quilters for piecing - offers increased strength and resistance to fading and shrinking. I use a 'Glide' - a polyester thread for quilting and love the look, strength and durability.

A combination thread, blending both cotton and polyester, can provide a balance between these qualities. I have yet to find a blend that I like for piecing - so I do stick with 100% cotton when assembling blocks.

Storing Thread

Not suprisingly - the way your thread is stored also affects its performance. Be sure to keep threads away from windows with or without direct sunlight. UV rays will weaken and/or fade all threads. Also keep them away from heating vents or other heat sources.

And...... next time you get a batch of thread from and estate sale or thrift store - be sure to test the colour fastness and strength before you use it. Older threads may not be colourfast and age affects the durability.

Thread Weights

I often get confused on thread weights but I did find a great article on wieghts. Read more here.

Be sure to keep it stitched together!

Colour or Color - "U" decides it!

As a proud Canadian, you know that our country is known for many things - from maple syrup to hockey, and of course, quilting!

Canadian quilting is a beloved tradition that has been passed down for generations. It's known for its unique patterns and designs that reflect our country's diverse culture and heritage.

American quilting is often seen as more traditional and conservative. While both styles have their merits, there's no denying that Canadian quilting is an art form that truly stands out.

So why not celebrate your Canadian roots and show off your love for quilting with some beautiful Canadian-inspired designs?

Here are two kits you may consider ordering that are truly Canadian in style and COLOUR! There are only a few left!

See them here

Let's get quilting!

Here's what's available when you send me your quilts...

Just in case you wondered....

Over the last year I have been working towards trying to offer my customers reasonable options that can save them a little bit to make their quilting dollar go further. Those of us who believe that there is enough business for everyone, refer others who have great deals and do not begrudge those who can do so.

If I see a deal - I pass it along. Even if it is not my deal!

And I have begun to stock some items to help you save a few dollars. So here is what is available if you need it....

Batting - 100% wool, 80/20 Cotton/Wool, Hobbs 80/20 bleached, Hobbs 80/20 natural

Backings - 15 different backings in stock and more arriving.

Precut, prepared quilter's binding - assorted colours

Other services (or - things YOU don't want to do!)

  • Creating binding
  • Serging edges of the quilt
  • Attaching binding
  • Repairing Quilts
  • Finishing unfinished quilt tops
  • Enlarging finished quilts
  • Creating quilted fabric
  • Embroidered labels

Ask about services here

See backings and battings here

Hmmmm.. what else can I quilt?

Hyperfocus - yes it IS a thing! 

When I first taught myself to sew - I sewed everything! From underwear (even for men) to swim suits to curtains, placemats and all sorts of home decor - even to parade costumes with big fun fur bobble heads! I even repaired a badly damaged tarp for a fire engine - simply because someone - or shall I say a few firefighters said it could not be done. HA! Clothing - oh yes - I sewed all four kids' clothing including jeans and winter coats.

It seems when I get started on some things - I just cannot help myself!  

In fact the thought "what else can I sew?" quite often turns next to "what else can I bake?", "what else can I cook?", "what else can I quilt", "what else can I write" and even sometimes to "who else can I p%*# off?". (Oh Mandie...... sigh) Read more here

Thanks for reading to the end!

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