Volume 44 | November 8, 2022
Hoback Electronic Herald
November 9, 2022

Last week, the Minister of Finance tabled the Trudeau government’s Fall Economic Statement. This economic plan does nothing to address Canada’s cost of living crisis.
The fall economic update shows that government revenues have increased by $40.1 billion in this year alone. This means that inflation is not only increasing costs for everyday essentials such as gas and groceries and home heating, it is increasing taxes for Canadians. This means that the Trudeau Liberals are profiting off of increased inflation.

The Liberals and their NDP partners continue to pretend there was no choice other than to double the debt. Justin Trudeau has added more debt than all previous Prime Ministers combined. He promised it would never exceed $10 Billion. He lied. 40% of all new spending measures have nothing to do with COVID. That’s $205 billion dollars. As a result, national debt interest payments next year will be nearly as much as the Canada Health Transfer.
Interest rates are also increasing at the fastest rate in decades. Families that bought a typical home five years ago with a typical mortgage that is now up for renewal will pay $7,000 more a year. The Bank of Canada has signaled that interest rates will have to rise even higher to tackle Justinflation. Many Canadians won’t be able to afford their mortgages.
Paycheques aren't going as far as they used to. Trudeau’s inflation tax is eating into the paychecks of Canadians while the Trudeau Liberals are spending on the stomachs of Canadians. Food Bank usage is at an all time high. Food Banks Canada recorded 1.5 million visits to food banks in just one month which is a 35% increase comparatively to last year.
These are real world consequences of Justin Trudeau’s reckless decisions. The economic update released by the Liberals’ Costly Coalition fails to address the cost-of-living crisis created by out-of-control government spending.
Justin Trudeau’s inflationary deficits, to the tune of half a trillion dollars, have sent more dollars chasing fewer goods. His inflationary scheme is hiking up the price of groceries, gas and home heating. Canadians have also never paid more in taxes because of this Prime Minister.

To reduce inflation and improve Canada’s cost of living, Conservatives had two clear demands to Justin Trudeau and his Finance Minister:

  • No new taxes. This includes canceling all planned tax hikes and the tripling of the carbon tax. Canadians are struggling to heat their homes and put food on their tables.

  • No new spending. Any new spending by ministers must be matched by an equivalent saving. Cut wasteful spending and stop the inflationary deficits that drive up the cost of everything. 

None of our demands were met in the Fall Economic Statement and for that reason Conservatives will not support this inflationary update.
As our constituency prepares for the arrival of more Ukrainian Newcomer Families, I have been informed by that the following items are in great need:

  • Beds (queen, double or single size beds);
  • Bedroom furniture;
  • Kitchen tables and chairs;
  • Living room furniture including couches, love seats, occasional chairs, coffee tables, end tables, lamps;
  • Clean new or like new Bedding, quilts, (new) pillows only, blankets, tea towels, mirrors;
  • Sets of dishes in like-new condition, cutlery, pots and pans;
  • Bakeware, roasters cooking utensils;
  • Personal hygiene products; and
  • Non-perishable food staples.

Donations other than furniture can be dropped off at my Prince Albert constituency office from 9:00 am to 4 PM, Monday to Friday (79 11th Street West). Please call in advance to make a drop off appointment (306-953-8622).

Furniture donations must be made directly to Prince Albert, SK Welcomes Ukrainians. Please contact Nancy Jahn for a drop off time and location

At this time, clothing donations are not needed.

If you wish to make a monetary donation to help Ukrainian newcomer families, please call the Calvary United Church (306-763-8795). You will receive a tax receipt for your monetary donation from the Calvary United Church Benevolent Fund for Ukrainian Newcomer Families.
A Conservative motion tabled in the House of Commons tabled by CPC Leader Pierre Poilievre for the Auditor General to audit the payments, contracts, and sub-contracts for all aspects of the ArriveCAN app passed in the House of Commons last week,
$54 million of taxpayer dollars were spent on this failed app without oversight or transparency, and taxpayer money is missing from the ArriveCAN scam. The Liberals refuse to be honest about the missing money and the secretive contracts, and they’re sticking Canadians with the bill.

Canadians deserve to know what the Trudeau government is hiding. I and my
Conservative colleagues will not back down from demanding answers and accountability for Canadians. We will get to the truth for Canadians.

It was wrong of Justin Trudeau to use a pandemic to divide and stigmatize Canadians in the first place and it’s wrong that his government used a broken app that wrongly sent 10,000 people in quarantine and unjustly charged Canadians thousands of dollars in fines.

Justin Trudeau owes all Canadians an apology and should return all the money that was wrongly collected.
I was honoured to bring greetings and lay a wreath at the Sask Command - Royal Canadian Legion's 51st Biennial Convention in Melfort at the end of October.

Across Saskatchewan, and across our county, the Legion and its members are the height of service to their fellow Canadians. Their love for their communities and their donation of endless time and talent are what make Canada the best place in the world to live.
From the Boer War through the World Wars, Korea, UN peacekeeping missions, NATO action in the Balkans, and Afghanistan, Canada’s men and women in uniform have continued to answer the call to duty.
Our Veterans past and present deserve our respect and thanks for the example they have set for service to one’s country, and the cause for peace and freedom throughout the world.
I had the opportunity to hold a very productive meeting with Colin Bird, the Consul General for Canada in Detroit.

The Windsor-Detroit border is the busiest international crossing in North America. More than 40,000 commuters, tourists and truck drivers carrying $323 million worth of goods cross the Windsor-Detroit border each day.

This fall, I was honoured to be appointed by the Hon. Pierre Poilievre as his Advisor on Canada - US Relations. Our relationship with the United States is our most important. Over the past seven years, the Liberal Government has not prioritized it. This has resulted in the continuation of trade irritants, including US tariffs on softwood lumber and the Keystone XL Pipeline cancellation.