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Nonprofit organizations rely on end of year giving to provide their annual funds and keep their doors open, and contributions are critical. It is encouraging to see, as we wind down another year and prepare to celebrate the holidays, evidence of the spirit of giving and generosity shown to others is alive and well. 

Perhaps you personally participated in Giving Tuesday raising an estimated $3 billion for nonprofits this year. Various motivations to donate might include your own experience with an organization or the perk of receiving tax deductions but believe it or not the majority (2/3) of people do not research before opening their wallet, as they feel an emotional desire to make a difference. We trust those receiving gifts will be good stewards with the funds, but how can we really know? The background research on a 501(c)(3) is time consuming and can be perplexing. 

Through our annual grant application process, Serving USA takes a heedful approach in determining which organizations to align with and financially support. We get to know each business and their mission, evaluate the programs offered and assess the health and return of an investment. We create relationships that are invaluable and work with our partners to promote their continued success. You can trust the 501(c)(3)s we support are ones you can also feel confident in backing.

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Prisoners for Christ

Brookside Community Development Center

New Hour for Women and Children - Long Island

Orange County Rescue Mission

Pillar of Fire Church San Diego

The SoulFisher Ministries

Tapestry Church

ARMS (Abuse Recovery Ministry Services)

Emily’s Place 

Grit into Grace

Guardian Group


National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance

REBOOT Recovery

Restoration Ranch

Wings of Refuge

For a list of ALL Serving USA partners, please click here.

Double your impact! Donations to Serving USA will be matched, and all monies directly support our partners.

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Team Serving USA

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Soy candles, lotion, body wash, and more. All products are handmade by survivors of human trafficking.

Support Survivors Here
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T-Shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and custom screen printing. Every purchase gives a man a second chance.

Help Men After Prison
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Jewelry, bath and body, clothing, paintings, & more. All products are designed and made by survivors of human trafficking.

Support Survivors Here
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The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for human trafficking.

Here are a few signs to keep an eye out for during your holiday travels:

If the person appears to:

- Be drugged or malnourished

- Have visible scars, wounds, or bruises

- Have few or no personal belongings and inappropriately dressed for travel

- Avoids eye contact

If you suspect someone is a victim of human trafficking, alert police, airport police or call 911. If you're on an airplane, tell a flight attendant immediately.

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Read More Tips For Spotting Trafficking
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Can you imagine having a BA in Criminal Justice but no hope of ever using it?

Ms. Woods came to True Beginnings with a broken spirit, traumatized by past events and yet desiring a true change in her life.True Beginnings was honored to have her. Much like many of their clients, Ms. Woods suffered from substance abuse and domestic violence. She did not believe she would qualify for employment that was appropriate to her level of education.

True Beginnings is not only a housing service, but they also assist women with overcoming various barriers that prevent them from reclaiming their rightful place in American society. They hired Ms. Woods as their front office coordinator and assisted her with overcoming the fear of not being good enough. Ms. Woods worked with True Beginnings for six months and has since moved on to permanent employment, better wages, benefits, and security. Ms. Woods also moved on from Divinity House and is now living in permanent housing and doing well.

"This is all we hope for for our residents, that they get what they need and move on to become productive citizens within our community. Ms. Woods continues to participate in True Beginnings Life Skills workshops, training to be a leader that will help others just as we have assisted her."

Help True Beginnings Support Women
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Freedom Through Education (FTE) provides members of disadvantaged communities the freedom to a more successful life by expanding the choices they have through services in the areas of education, spirituality, life skills, treatment services, and employment skills.

Change Lives With FTE
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His House For Her shares the love of Jesus by providing trauma-informed practices in a supportive housing environment to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of at-risk women in recovery.

Help Women In Need
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Use Canva Pro to easily create consistent social media graphics to educate your audience about your organization, mission, and goals. It's also FREE for non-profits!

Get Your Donation Doubled!

When you donate directly to Serving USA, any gift that you make gets doubled through the generosity of one of our major donors. Additionally, 100% of your gift and 100% of the matching donation will go directly to these ministries.

Nothing is set aside or allocated for overhead or general administration.

Donate To Serving USA Partners


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