Monday October 17, 2022
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Samsung Announces Knox Matrix To Help Improve Security Measures Via Blockchain Technology...
Grayscale Investments is giving investors the chance to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) mining hardware during the ongoing bear market. Essentially, this will be a private, co-investment opportunity in BTC mining hardware. Foundry, a digital asset staking and mining infrastructure firm, shall reportedly manage daily operations for the company.

India Police Look To Polygon For Infrastructure Efficiency Imporovements...
The Plan ₿ Foundation, a collaboration between the Swiss City of Lugano and USDT stablecoin issuer Tether, recently unveiled a new partnership with payment facilitator GoCrypto to bring Bitcoin, Tether, and LVGA payments to Lugano. This will reportedly allow locals to use their wallets at McDonalds as well as a slew of other merchants.

Google Announces Partnership With Coinbase To Integrate Crypto Payments...
Several notable companies like Samsung, Emirates, and Nike have already started using the metaverse, with many more expected to follow suit as the emerging technology continues to gain mainstream attention and funding.

Binance Hacked For 2 Million BNB...
Oklahoma Senator James Lankford has recently proposed legislation to ensure that Americans can continue using physical bills and coins regardless of whether the United States adopts a digital dollar.

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ETH/BTC Forming Ascending Triangle on Daily Chart
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