Monday August 22, 2022
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Alphabet Inc. Invests Over $1.5 Billion In Blockchain Companies As Institutional Interest Continues To Skyrocket...
Alphabet Inc., Googles parent company, has invested over $1.5 billion in blockchain companies so far. By doing so, it has surpassed the likes of Goldman Sachs, Samsung, Blackrock, and Morgan Stanley to become the leading organization investing in the burgeoning sector.
Institutional interest in crypto remains high.

Risk Off In A Time Off Strong USD...
Bitcoin, Ethereum and futures linked with the S&P 500 are currently trading weak whereas the safe haven known as the U.S dollar is rising against other international currencies.

Investors are therefore trimming their bullish exposure on risky assets.

Tornado Cash, Zac Williamson, CEO Speaks About Web3...
In the aftermath of heavily criticized U.S government sanctions against cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash, Zac Williamson, CEO of the Aztec Network Ethereum privacy layer, recently discussed what the future of Web3 privacy may end up being.

Federal Reserve Give Guidance For Use Of Global Payment System...
The United States Federal Reserve has publishing its final guidance for new financial institutions to gain access to its master accounts, which are required for these firms to partake in the global payment system.

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