April 18, 2020
Peeling back the layers of Covid-19.
"One disease, one cause?"
Regarding the SARS Coronavirus
"Epidemic" of 2003

Virus Is Us
"The cutting-edge biochemist, Howard Urnovitz, views SARS virus as human genes rearranged by pollution stress:

“I do not see a virus. I see a unique and complete rearrangement of genomic elements. For example, when I look at what is believed to be the gene sequence coding for the spike protein of this coronavirus, I see a complicated gene rearrangement of a region of  humanchromosome . As I did in our studies of Gulf War Syndrome, when I see gene rearrangements like this, I immediately search for an associated catastrophic environmental event that could have caused such genomic rearrangement.”

SARS epidemics correspond strongly with such “catastrophic environmental events.”
Why is talk of the recent rollout of 5G being censored by social and mainstream media?
We're all just searching for the truth, right?

Isn't that's what's happening at the CDC and WHO?


So bad. So bad. So bad .

"If we only had more answers.


What are we talking about?

We have the answers.

Covid-19 is a virus. A very bad virus.

And it is highly communicable.

That's why we're in lockdown.

And do you see?

I'ts working!

The curve is flattening.

See? We told you it would.

And now, all we need is a vaccine."

"One disease, one cause...?"
Here is a 4/9 Bloomberg News headline: “5G Conspiracy Theory Fueled by Coordinated Effort.” [1] A sub-headline states, “Researchers identify disinformation campaign but not source.” The article begins: “A conspiracy theory linking 5G technology to the outbreak of the coronavirus is quickly gaining momentum…”

Obviously, such wayward thinking has to be stopped. And down further in the Bloomberg article, we have chilling news: “Some social media companies have taken action to limit the spread of coronavirus conspiracy theories on their platforms. On Tuesday, Google’s YouTube said that it would ban all videos linking 5G technology to coronavirus, saying that ‘any content that disputes the existence or transmission of Covid-19’ would now be in violation of YouTube policies.”
Oh, how we thank you!
I make no apology....
As I told you last week, I'm getting T-shirts printed up proudly declaring myself a "Conspiracy Theorist." I have several listeners who have already let me know their preferred size.

One of them told me, I'm not a conspiracy "theorist;" I am a...

"Conspiracy Analyst."

Yes, that sounds a bit better, but... then...

I don't really care how it sounds.... :) Text Link
I've been talking about the scientifically documented harmful health effects associated with electromagnetic frequencies for a long time. I've dedicated several radio programs and newsletters over the years to this problem. My long-time readers and listeners know this.

I use EMF-blocking techniques on my devices; my cell phone, my laptop, my Kindle, my cordless phones at the office, wireless printers, etc.

I don't do this because I like spending money foolishly (though I've certainly done plenty of that over the years, as well!)

Last year I did a program on the advent of 5G technology. If you are one who has followed this in the news, as many are, this has raised grave concerns with regard to health around the world.

What makes 5G technology so concerning?

BTW , reported in The Keene Sentinel on March 6:

I think we'll be keeping that permanent.


So walk with me through this. I hope to be able to enlighten you.

How might the rollout of 5G dovetail with this "Pandemic"?
Did the 5G rollout in Wuhan damage the innate cellular defense cells of the population, putting the people at risk of complications and death from coronavirus?

Scientists have been sounding the alarm about the dangers of 5th generation wireless technology. Some countries have  heeded the warning about wireless radiation  and the harmful effects of EMFs. China, on the other hand, has completely ignored all warnings and has proceeded to unleash 5G faster than any other nation.

In fact, China rolled out 5G in the province of Wuhan in October 2019 . Just two months later, the city became afflicted by a new kind of coronavirus named CoVid-19. How did a formerly benign class of virus become so opportunistic in such a short amount of time? Why is the death rate so high at the epicenter of the outbreak?
Follow the thread...

Why did the city’s population suddenly become so vulnerable?

Could it be that 5G  oxidized important surveillance proteins  of the innate immune system of the Wuhan population? Does 5G cause  severe inflammation, damaging the innate immune system ? Could it be that 5G does cause DNA breaks, as documented by scientists? Do these DNA breaks potentially affect innate immune molecules such as the  mannose binding lectins (MBLs) , which are primarily located on lung surfactant proteins A and D?

MBLs are powerful defense molecules that have been clinically studied to  target coronaviruses early in their replication cycle, preventing viral attachment . If MBL levels are compromised through oxidation, respiratory viruses can more readily take hold of the human host.

Deficiency in MBLs also occurs when there is a  three single point mutation in exon 1 of the MBL-2 gene . For an infectious agent to cause complication and/or fatality, a person’s immune system must be compromised. Did the launch of 5G in Wuhan China help facilitate the  outbreak of this deadly bioweapon ?

MBLs are a natural defense system in the human body used for biological recognition and surveillance at the molecular level.

MBLs bind with sugars, allowing the protein to interact with many different kinds of viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi and protozoa cloaked with such sugars. MBLs are unique because they can bind to the surface of microbes and activate the complement system in an antibody. They are one of the only anti-viral systems that can break down the signature glycoprotein shell that surrounds coronaviruses, including Ebola, SARS, and MERS.

Deficiency in mannose binding lectins is linked to chronic  obstructive pulmonary disease ,  neonatal sepsis, and  respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) , among other complications and respiratory illnesses . Scientists estimate that 10 to 30 percent of the population is deficient in MBLs, putting them at serious risk of complications from any and all respiratory infections .

This is the most serious aspect of the coronavirus outbreak : Up to thirty percent of the population may already be susceptible to serious complications from this weaponized strain. 5G wireless radiation only compromises immunity further. After all, one of the  documented symptoms of 5G is “flu-like symptoms.”  Why is the fatality rate higher at the epicenter of the outbreak?
Follow the thread...
5G Cell Towers are More Dangerous for Two Main Reasons:
  • First, 5G emits “ultra high frequencies”. The higher the frequency, the shorter the length of each wave. This means more waves hit our bodies in the same amount of time.
Previous cellular generations emitted from 1 to 6 GHz frequencies. 5G cell towers may emit frequencies as high as 300 GHz

  • Second, 5G technology requires “ultra high intensity”. Since the shorter length millimeter waves (MMV) used in 5G do not travel as far (and get obstructed easier), with our current number of cell towers the cell signal will not be reliable. To compensate 5G cell towers will have to emit the lower 3G & 4G waves as well, and many more “mini cell towers” will have to be installed. It is estimated that they will need a mini cell tower every 2 to 8 houses. 
All of this combined will greatly increase our RF Radiation exposure. 
Now here's an open mind...
I received this in an email from a client who viewed our Proactive Health Collective of Keene webinar yesterday:

Hi, Rebecca - 

I was watching today's webinar and was interrupted by work during the segment you were talking about 5G. I will go back and watch the webinar this evening when I know that I'll have no interruptions. In the interim, would it be possible to get the links to the sources you cited about the 5G? I ask because this is a discussion my youngest daughter and I had a week or so ago after an assignment of hers for an ethics class was wholly rejected by the professor (see a screen shot of his comments below). The students posted their assignments on a discussion forum so that they could also be peer-reviewed, as well. Because the professor rejected her topic, her assignment was removed and she received a zero (although she was given an opportunity to resubmit the assignment using a different topic). Text Link
Because that is difficult to read, I type it here:

"Dear Makenzie,

I agree that there is a great deal of injustice associated with the pandemic, but attributing it to 5G is not only wrong - it's dangerous. The pandemic is the result of the spread of a novel virus, which has been made more dangerous throughout the world by inequalities of wealth, resources, opportunities, and rights; lack of planning and appropriate precautions; and, in the US, a monstrously expensive, irrational, and unfair healthcare system. It will cost many people their lives. That's more than enough injustice to be angry about.

"I'm afraid that I'm really not interested int reading through a bunch of links to articles on 5G now. Part of the problem is that untangling on conspiracy theory (Coronavirus+5G) forces you to have to go through others (5G=cancer), so you have to go deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. There's just no end to the misinformation and misrepresentations, the invalid methodologies and unqualified sources. I also think neither of us are competent to evaluate the merits of the scientific or health evidence for ourselves, which would render the whole exercise pointless. There are times when I'd be willing to go through all of that, as a pedagogical exercise in epistemic responsibility, but I really, really don't have the time right now. I have a baby to take care of, four classes to teach online, a bood to edit, and articles to write - and I'm way, way behind.

I said this in one of the comments on Canvas, but you have opportunity to resubmit your comments to the discussion forum for full credit, as long as they're on the topic and on the readings."

Lockdown mentality also goes way back...
The COVID illusion and the currency reset  
Apr 6
The reset: not all at once; step by step
by Jon Rappoport
April 6, 2020

Well said from one of our community...
“I listened to the whole “telephone town hall” Maggie Hassan organized at 7 p.m. on April 14, 2020. I had hoped at least ONE of the people who asked a question would challenge what is happening, but no one did. It seemed people were mostly concerned about when and how they would get their “rebate.”
I felt compelled to stay on the line, as offered, to leave a message for Maggie at the end of the call. Without having prepared my thoughts ahead of time, I told her most of what I am writing here, but with more time to gather my thoughts, this is what I would like to tell our senators:
I am becoming more and more concerned about how things have been developing over the past several weeks, and it’s not covid-19 that I am most concerned about. What concerns me most are the following:
I am concerned about how much power the government is exerting over people’s personal decisions and financial situations. People are losing opportunities and time that they can never get back. Many people will have to deal with serious and long-lasting consequences due to things outside of their control and decisions they had no choice in. How many businesses will go under? The people making the decisions will not lose their jobs or their businesses, yet they are making decisions that will have longterm consequences for many other people.
I am concerned about how the media and the government continue to stir up fear in people rather than telling them simple things that they can do to enhance their immune systems, and what they can do to quicken the healing process, even at home, if they become ill.
I am concerned about how our privacy is being infringed upon and the increase in government power intruding into people’s everyday lives.
I am concerned that what has been a gradual increase in government over-reach has suddenly jumped to a whole new level. Once government seizes power, things rarely go back to the level they were before. This concerns me deeply.
I am concerned about how a government that is over 20 TRILLION dollars in debt can hand out “free money.” Where is this money coming from? I’m concerned about the longterm effects of such policies of blatant financial irresponsibility - of increasing debt and voting huge sums of “bailout money” - on the financial future of our country and the coming generations.
I am concerned about the potential for medical procedures being forced on people against their will by government edict. 
I am concerned about the further expansion of federal government powers. I am concerned about the trampling of the Constitution, which clearly delineates the limitations of what the federal government has the authority to do - limits which have been ignored and bypassed for many years, and for which “emergencies” are always considered a good opportunity and rationale for further defying the law of the land.
I am concerned about precedents being established. There are going to be more viruses and illnesses that go around in the future. Is this going to be the government’s new method of dealing with them? How will it be determined when to take such extreme measures?  Who will decide if a virus or illness is severe enough to shut down nearly our whole economy? Will they now shut things down every flu season?
So, I have many concerns as I watch this unfold, but my concern about catching covid-19 is minuscule compared to my concerns about the repercussions of the decisions that government leaders are making and imposing on all of us, like it or not.”

Act Now! A convenient way to urge your local government to turn the lights back on...
ACT NOW: Ask your mayor and your governor to reopen your city and state!
Government orders that are restricting healthy citizens and keeping nonessential businesses closed are causing widespread emotional, physical and financial devastation. Outcomes will continue to worsen. New data supports the reopening of communities, with quarantine for those who are sick or at risk. Email your mayor and governor NOW!

Must watch video....
Must read article...
Here are some, however, enjoying the lockdown!
With no human visitors, a pride of lions took to an empty road in the popular Kruger National Park to nap. Kruger National Park

Mountain goats roamed Llandudno, Wales, as people remained inside under coronavirus-related lockdown.
Getty Images

Got into our yard last week and took down two birdfeeders;
caught with his (or her) hand in the cookie jar a few blocks away on Woodburn Street!
In closing... some words for the wise...
"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation,
nor does truth become error because nobody sees it."

Mahatma Ghandi

"Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth."

Albert Einstein
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