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This month, we celebrate two amazing persons whose passion and dedication has led to lasting walking and biking improvements in our beautiful city that will benefit generations of residents. Also check out a complete update on all city walking and biking projects currently in progress courtesy of the City of Cupertino Public Works Department.

Two things to get involved in - The city is looking for community input on the proposed Junipero Serra Trail. Join the call, even if you don't live close to it - trails benefit all of us. Safe Routes to School is doing a video contest among middle and high schoolers. It's a fun reason to get outside!

Our very own Walk-Bike board members made a video for CHS students about biking improvements we helped implement. We also review a great nearby trail, and find out how 106 European cities are doing that implemented pop-up bike infrastructure. Read on!
We are pleased to recognize former Mayor Rod Sinks with the Walk-Bike Cupertino Lifetime Achievement Award for his extraordinary support of alternative transportation in the region over the past ten years, and former Mayor Steven Scharf with the Walk-Bike Cupertino Advocate of the Year Award, for his committed support of walking and biking projects during his tenure on the City Council from 2016 to 2020. “Both these leaders have had a notable impact on our city — our community is now more livable, sustainable, and friendly to walking and biking. The many projects they championed will live on as their permanent legacy and an enduring benefit to generations of Cupertino residents.” says Walk-Bike Cupertino Founder Larry Dean.
Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Rod has played a unique leadership role in both local and regional transportation issues. He led Cupertino’s development of major bike/ped improvements which resulted in the city committing more than $35M to bike and pedestrian projects over the past ten years, irrevocably changing the city for the better.
As part of the VTA Board, Rod increased VTA’s attention to traffic and transportation needs for Cupertino and the West Valley. His Measure B funding efforts for bike/ped improvements have generated over $7M in Measure B grants for the city.
Advocate of the Year
As Mayor and Councilmember, Steven was a consistent and strong champion of multiple bicycle and pedestrian projects including the Linda Vista trail, Regnart Creek trail, McClellan Road protected bike lanes, Stevens Creek separated bike lanes, and Carmen Bridge. Many of these projects were funded and begun during his tenure as a result of his support.
Steven’s commitment to bicycle and pedestrian projects drew support from both residents and his fellow council members. Many of the projects brought forward to a council vote ended up as 5-0 votes in favor, in large part due to his leadership.
An Update on All City Bike/Ped Projects
We were pleased to welcome David Stillman, Cupertino Transportation Manager, to our Board meeting in March. He was able to give us updates on all the city projects, from east to west, including the big plans for the new intersection at McClellan and DeAnza Boulevard, Bubb Road shuttle dropoff changes, and much more. Click on a picture or here for the complete presentation!
Video: Big Changes for Cupertino High Students
Though many of us have been working from our homes during the pandemic, there's been a lot of changes happening at schools to make it easier and safer to walk and bike.

Kudos to our very own Walk-Bike Cupertino board members Lawrence Fan and Jennifer Shearin along with Walk-Bike Cupertino intern Juliet Shearin who created this informational video in conjunction with Cupertino Safe Routes to School. The video was shown to all Cupertino High students in the "Advisory" period the week before school reopened for hybrid learning, and is also available on the Cupertino High website.
Please click on the meeting dates below to register for a specific date.  
Make your voice heard: Junipero Serra Trail meetings this month
The City of Cupertino has three scheduled meetings to discuss the conceptual design for the eastern and central portions of the I-280 trail. This is the part of the trail that begins at De Anza Blvd and extends to Vallco Parkway. Each meeting will have the same content, so you only need attend one.

If you wish to submit questions before the community meetings, you may do so at jstproject@cupertino.org.
Safe Routes to School Video Contest
Submissions Due: May 28 11:59pm
Cupertino Safe Routes to School is holding a video competition for 6-12 grade students to showcase their creativity. We’re looking for videos that advance the mission of Cupertino Safe Routes to School. Submissions shall inspire people to walk, bike, scooter or take any other active transportation to school or provide tips on how to be safe using active transportation. Read more
If You Build It, They Will Walk, Bike, and Thrive
Protected bike lanes (Class IV) on McClellan Rd
A recent study helps answer the question: “Which came first – the bike infrastructure or the bikers?”

The research published in April 2021 by the National Academy of Sciences found that across 106 European cities, cities which added bike infrastructure saw a rapid and large increase in the number of bikers.

In cities where bike infrastructure was added during the COVID pandemic, cycling increased up to 48 percent more than in cities that did not add bike lanes. This increase was irrespective of weather and availability of public transportation.

Many of these cities used a method called rapid-build or pop-up bike lanes to quickly add bike lanes using temporary bollards and other quick build infrastructure.
Bike infrastructure is one of the cheapest types of infrastructure to install and has one of the biggest economic and health benefits. Protected bike lanes, especially, make it possible for bikers of all aptitudes and ages to safely and enjoyably commute around the city. Read more
Parker Ranch Loop Trail: A Lovely and Rigorous 2-mile Hike

by Jian He, Walk-Bike Cupertino Board Member
Are you eager to get out of virtual meetings to see friends face to face? Yes, I am. Hiking with friends is one of my favorite activities to explore nature, work out, and catch up with each other. On a Friday morning, I was invited by two friends to hike a new trail in Saratoga, the Parker Ranch Loop Trail... It turned out to be a very lovely hike with a good amount of exercise and beautiful views along the way. 
The first half mile is a steep climb with stairways. I enjoyed hiking uphill to boost my heart rate for better fitness... On both sides of the trail, wild flowers are blooming. After the climb, we reached Vista Point, a great place to take a deep breath and snap some photos to appreciate the panorama view....If you have more time to hike, check out the routes... Read more
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