On Our Lenten Journey, Where Will Our Footsteps Lead?
As we move through life, each of us leaves a trail of footprints. Lent gives us a chance to think about where we’ve been, and where our journey will lead us next.

We might not be happy to let others see some of the detours we have followed – the times when we have not done the right thing, or thought only of ourselves rather than the people God has placed in our path. Beginning with Ash Wednesday this week, Lent challenges us to reflect on where we’ve been, and how we can re-direct our journey.

Traditionally, part of that process of re-orientation has been sacrifice – giving up something and doing something extra – in order to do more for others. It isn’t just eating a fish sandwich on Friday or giving up candy. Sacrifice literally means to make sacred.

How do we take something ordinary and make it sacred?

The Water With Blessings Community for Mission has an answer. For more than a decade, a filter and a bucket have been given to a woman and, in her hands, become a source of life and health. Through your gifts, two ordinary things we take for granted are transformed.

This Lent, let us think of other things we can transform. Maybe we can pass up a plastic bottle of water or soft drink and put that money aside. Perhaps we don’t need a fancy coffee in the morning. Instead, we can remember that woman worrying about the dirty water her children drink, and sacrifice those couple of dollars toward a filter for her.

In this way, we can also encourage others to follow in our footsteps. God gives us Community to lean on, encourage us when times are difficult, and strengthen us to support others when we can.

We invite you to consider tracking your spiritual journey of sacrifice and almsgiving with a weekly donation. Just $12.50 per week would add up to the $75 needed to provide a mother with a bucket, a Sawyer PointONE Filter that will last a lifetime, and the training to become a Water Woman.

We will soon be in touch to see if you would like prayer cards for the Water Women whom you’ve sponsored. It will only take a few weeks before your contributions have brought filters to mothers.

Just click the purple button below to start your Lenten journey with God’s thirsty children. 

Creating a Legacy of Love with a
Life Insurance Policy
There are many diverse approaches to supporting our mission, including the donation of life insurance. A life insurance policy can provide an essential safety net for your family in the event of your death by helping them cover daily needs and even future expenses. A life insurance policy also can support creating a legacy--for the people you love and for organizations and causes that are important to you like God’s Thirsty Children.
That’s because a nonprofit like Water With Blessings can be designated to receive the payout from a life insurance policy. More than 25% of Americans responding to a recent survey indicated that they own life insurance to provide a charitable gift. Owning life insurance can be a smart way to boost your charitable giving since the policy will provide a death benefit many times larger than the premium paid. In addition, the benefit may be divided among your loved ones and a charitable organization.
Selecting a permanent (whole) life insurance policy is the best option since it stays in force throughout your lifetime as long as the premiums are paid. In addition, a nonprofit like Water With Blessings will have the option of converting the policy to cash if you transfer policy ownership during your lifetime.
If you have an existing policy, it’s easy to change the beneficiary to a charity. You will likely need to provide the federal Tax ID number. (Water With Blessings’ Tax ID is 37-1639872).  
For more donor advice and estate planning tips, please contact Rebecca Stutsman, rebecca@waterwithblessings.org, or by phone at 502-749-5492.
Recently TIME magazine named a young boy "kid of the year."  Orin Jean's goal in life at age 11 has been running a campaign to help people in need. He organized a food drive that reached many hundreds of families, followed by a large toy drive, and finally a book drive for young children. Libraries would be envious of the large number of books provided! He has inspired others to join his campaign for kindness. Kindness is contagious! His vision is one that can serve as a model for advocates of all ages. His response to meeting a need: "If you see a problem, fix it."  

Like Orin, advocates observe the current reality of poor, vulnerable people and determine effective ways of reaching out. They may find there is more than one road to success. Like Orin, they engage other people in a common effort to help others.  It's called community. A community of dedicated people can make a huge difference in the lives of vulnerable people in the world, like water women and their children. That is what advocates with Water With Blessings are doing. They understand that it is a community of committed people coming together that can effect change.  

Orin's message to volunteers: "We can't force others to be kind, but we can be kind ourselves and hope to inspire other people. So many people have great ideas but never act on them. If there is an issue or problem you want to solve, all it takes is just knowing deep down that it is something you care about." In other words, move from a believer to an actor.  
Thank you Orin!  
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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