Guest Column: Patricia Zeiler

Executive Director of History Fort Lauderdale

On June 5, History Fort Lauderdale hosted an event to add the Broward MPO’s award-winning “Let's Talk Transportation” podcast into our archives. The collaboration between the Broward MPO and History Fort Lauderdale created a vital resource for future transportation planners and professionals by capturing and preserving the rich history of regional transit development through firsthand accounts. Today's transportation challenges are complex and multifaceted, often leaving modern-day professionals guessing the rationale behind past project decisions. “Let's Talk Transportation” seeks to bridge this knowledge gap by recording the experiences and insights of those who've directly contributed to the region's transportation landscape. This collaboration offers future decision-makers a comprehensive understanding of historical transit developments, supplementing traditional historical records with personal narratives and diverse perspectives. By documenting these stories, “Let's Talk Transportation” ensures that the decisions made today will be informed and appreciated by future generations, enriching the historical narrative of Broward County's transportation journey. 


Patricia Zeiler

Executive Director

History Fort Lauderdale

Broward MPO Presents Resiliency Framework

at National Adaptation Forum

The Broward MPO was selected to present the MPO's Resiliency Framework and lessons learned from its prototype application along Hollywood Boulevard at the 2024 National Adaptation Forum Recap in St. Paul, Minnesota in mid-May. This biennial forum is a prestigious gathering of climate adaptation professionals, offering diverse opportunities for learning, networking, and collaboration. The MPO's participation highlights our commitment to staying ahead of the curve in addressing climate challenges like sea level rise, heat, and increased precipitation. By sharing our innovative solutions and best practices, we aim to contribute to the broader knowledge base and inspire others in the field. The forum provides a valuable platform for exchanging ideas and fostering collaborative action toward a more resilient future. 

Your Tax Dollars at Work! 

Would you like to see your tax dollars in action and provide feedback? We invite you to participate in the public review comment period for the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for Fiscal Year 2025-2029. This program includes over $5.7 billion in investments from federal [Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Federal Rail Administration (FRA), and Federal Transit Administration (FTA)], state, and local sources. These funds support 441 projects across aviation, bicycle/pedestrian pathways, highways, seaports, rail, and transit. To submit your comments, please email by 12 PM on Thursday, July 11, 2024. You can access the full report on the MPO’s TIP page. We value your input! 

Broward MPO Unveils Final Draft of

Hollywood Boulevard Resiliency Study  

On May 28, the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the Florida Department of Transportation, and the City of Hollywood gathered at the Hollywood Beach Culture & Community Center to advance the Hollywood Boulevard Resiliency Study. This significant event marked a pivotal step toward enhancing infrastructure and sustainability within the region. After a series of productive discussions, the collaborative team unveiled the final draft concept of the project. This concept closely aligns with the preferences and vision articulated by the public during the consultation phases. Attendees were briefed on the proposed development path for the corridor, which promises to significantly shape the future of Broward County. The meeting concluded with a sense of anticipation, as stakeholders look forward to further updates on this transformative project. 

Register Today for an E-Townhall Meeting to Discuss the MPO's Route to 2050 MTP

Join the Broward MPO on July 30 for an interactive E-Townhall event as we craft the future of our community together through our Route to 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). Your voice is crucial in shaping a transportation network that enhances connectivity, fosters sustainable growth, and meets our region's needs for the next three decades. Whether you're a daily commuter, a business owner, or simply invested in Broward's future, your insights can drive positive change. Don't miss this chance to contribute to a vision that propels us toward a more vibrant, accessible, and efficient Broward. Register now to be part of this transformative conversation! 


New Episode of the Broward MPO’s

Award-Winning Podcast Available  

In the latest episode titled Bridging the Gaps: From the Dixie Flyover to 10th Street, the MPO’s Executive Director Greg Stuart talks with City of Deerfield Beach Mayor Bill Ganz. Mayor Ganz has been an elected official for the City for over 12 years and is serving his second term as Mayor. Before serving as Mayor, he was the City’s District Four Commissioner. Join Greg and Mayor Ganz as they discuss their shared history of growing up in South Florida and some of the major transportation projects in the City of Deerfield Beach, including the Dixie Highway Flyover Bridge and the Sawgrass Expressway connector. Tune in to learn more about Mayor Ganz and these important projects. 


Broward MPO Team Donates IT Equipment

to Sawgrass Wildlife Hospital

The Broward MPO team recently showed their support for the community by donating Information Technology (IT) equipment to the Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital. This donation marks a meaningful contribution to the non-profit organization dedicated to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. The link between the MPO and the Nature Center was strengthened by Rebecca Shultz, the MPO's Boards Coordinator. Before joining the MPO, Shultz was part of the team at the Sawgrass Nature Center, a connection pivotal in establishing this donation. Her insight into the nature center's operations and needs allowed for a targeted approach in providing equipment that would best benefit the wildlife sanctuary. Congratulations to the entire MPO team on this donation! 

Congratulations to the Graduates of the

Broward MPO Transportation Academy

Congratulations to the graduates of the Broward MPO’s Transportation Academy! The inaugural class has successfully completed a development series designed to champion community investments in transportation and navigate those projects. This series of five in-person classes aimed to enhance participants' foundational knowledge of transportation planning and infrastructure development, ultimately improving connectivity within our community. The graduates have become transportation champions through engaging lectures, activities, and module toolkits. We look forward to expanding our community of Transportation Academy alumni! 

Broward MPO Freight Advisory Committee

Tours Port Everglades 

On Wednesday, May 29, the Broward MPO Freight Transportation Advisory Committee convened at Port Everglades for a unique session that included an immersive tour led by Alinda Montfort, the port's Communications Manager. The gathering was enriched with a comprehensive overview of Port Everglades presented by Dr. Natacha Yacinthe, Seaport Planning Manager, offering insights into the port's operational dynamics and strategic significance in freight transportation. 

Smart Growth American Ranks Most Dangerous Areas in the U.S. for Pedestrian Fatalities

Smart Growth America has recently published its Dangerous by Design 2024 report, which ranks the most dangerous metropolitan areas in the United States based on pedestrian fatalities between 2018 and 2022. You can find more information here.

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