Volume 16| October 2023

As we embrace the beauty of autumn, we are excited to share the latest Families Helping Families (FHF) news and updates.

Together, we'll continue to work tirelessly to provide the best possible resources and support for our students, parents, and teachers.

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On September 20th, at the illustrious John Paul Jones Arena, the Families Helping Families Solutions Team received a prestigious Caring For Community Award from the United Way. This well-deserved recognition highlights an unwavering commitment to supporting Albemarle County Public School families, making a positive impact on the community and further solidifying the FHF reputation as champions of social change and support.

*Reminder if you know of any projects taking place to support ACPS families, let us know, and we are happy to share them with our network.

Anti-bullying initiatives play a crucial role in fostering safe and inclusive environments, whether in schools, workplaces, or online communities. By promoting empathy, respect, and open communication, these efforts aim to reduce the harm inflicted by bullying behavior. Through education and awareness, individuals can better recognize and address bullying, working together to create a world where everyone is treated with kindness and dignity. Anti-bullying campaigns empower individuals to stand up against cruelty, ultimately contributing to the well-being and mental health of those who might otherwise suffer in silence. In an anti-bullying world, differences are celebrated, and the power of compassion prevails, fostering healthier and more harmonious societies.

Here are some things you can do to help combat bullying in ACPS:d compelling headline

1. Raise Awareness:

  - Promote discussions and educational programs about bullying to create a better understanding of its consequences and how to prevent it.

2. Encourage Open Communication:

  - Foster an environment where individuals feel comfortable reporting instances of bullying to authorities, parents, or trusted adults.

3. Implement Anti-Bullying Policies:

  - Schools, workplaces, and organizations should establish and enforce clear anti-bullying policies with consequences for perpetrators.

4. Promote Empathy and Inclusion:

  - Teach empathy, tolerance, and inclusivity to create a more compassionate society that values differences.

5. Support Victims:

  - Offer support to those who have been bullied, including counseling and resources to help them cope and recover.

Starting October 17, Emotions Education 101 is an eight-week virtual group to help participants understand emotions and defenses, connect and share with others, and decrease loneliness. Participants will develop language to communicate their emotions and gain skills to access their calm, courageous, clear, and compassionate authentic selves. This is a closed, confidential group for women and members of the gender-expansive community who reside in Charlottesville and the counties of Albemarle, Fluvanna, Louisa, and Greene.

Learn more: https://bit.ly/twiprograms

Knot Broken is a community space that thrives to invest in women and youth through secondhand shopping and connecting them to community resources


Hispanic Heritage Month is a national observance that honors the contributions and culture of Hispanic and Latino Americans. Unlike other observances that take place during one full calendar month, Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15th to October 15th each year. September 15th was chosen because it marks the anniversary of the independence of several Latin American countries.

During Hispanic Heritage Month, all Americans are called to reflect on and celebrate the rich culture, history and contributions of the large and diverse population that comprises Hispanic and Latino Americans. Celebrations include colorful parades, musical performances, cultural festivals, art exhibitions and educational programs.

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National Book Month

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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LGBTQ History Month

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We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated volunteers, compassionate family support workers, and committed school representatives who have tirelessly supported Families Helping Families and the students and families of Albemarle County Public Schools. Your unwavering dedication has made a profound impact on our community. We appreciate your selfless contributions and the positive change you bring to the lives of those in need. Please take a moment to click the link below and follow our Facebook page to stay updated on our initiatives. As the upcoming festivities approach, we hope you find joy and fulfillment in the season. Thank you once again for your invaluable support, and be well!

β€œIn the coming year, we’re hoping to raise even more funds to be able to meet an increasing number of requests for emergency needs,” said FHF co-organizer Amanda Alger. β€œMental health and transportation are two key needs that come up again and again.”

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible.

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