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Pride Month
Happy Pride Month! This month, we wanted to share support for our LGBTIQA+ community. If you were to offer words of kindness to a member of the LGBTIQA+ community, what would you share?
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Health & Wellness

WellNotes: “How can I get back on track to better health?”
Healthy lifestyle habits can cut your risk for chronic disease and help you live longer. If you find yourself making choices that don’t line up with your goals, just get back on track. Here’s how:

  • Step 1 - Recognize: When you recognize that you’ve gone off course, stop. It’s the easiest step to help you get back on track. When you’ve strayed from your goal to improve your diet, drink more water, exercise or get better sleep, you’re usually the first to know. Stop and figure out what you’re doing, and why. And you’ll be one step closer to getting back on track.
  • Step 2 - Make a Plan: After you take a minute to recognize what went wrong, set some new goals. Make sure they’re SMART. Your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and have a Timeline for completion. For example, you can’t expect to make the switch overnight from skipping workouts and watching TV to being active most days. You need an action plan that starts with small goals. Try exercising for 20 minutes at the same time every day. When that becomes a habit, move on to longer exercise sessions, harder workouts, and less TV time. Think it through. What’s the one thing you can do today, in three days, in a week, and in a month, to get back on track and work towards your goal?
  • Step 3 - Choose to Change: Changing behavior is really about repetition. It’s about being organized. If you didn’t stick to your diet or exercise plan, it just means you haven’t repeated the behavior enough. Set an alarm on your mobile device reminding you to workout, have a glass of water, get to bed on time, etc. Keep track of your daily choices like calories, steps, sleep, or how much water you’re drinking. Ask for help from family and friends to help you stay on track. And get out of the pattern of all-or-nothing thinking. Need to get back on track? Now is always the best time to get started.

With these tips, we hope you and your family stay safe, healthy, and vigilant! 
For the full article, check out: https://www.staywellguam.com/health/enjoylife .
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At StayWell Insurance, we believe that full information disclosure is essential to member satisfaction. We continue to ensure you have access to information about your health plan coverage including your rights and responsibilities as a member. Understanding your rights and responsibilities can help make the most of your membership! View your Rights & Responsibilities.

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Better For You

Being a StayWell member brings many great benefits, some of which are unexpected! For example, did you know that you can get 20 cents off fuel at 76/Circle K stations when you show your membership card? You’ll also get 5% off fruit and healthy snacks marked as “Better For You” so you can save money while cutting out some of the excess sugar and empty calories from your diet! 
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