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I recently returned from a whirlwind trip: one brief week in the Navajo Nation. โ€œWhirlwindโ€ is an entirely appropriate metaphor, as strong and gusty winds were the daily weather characteristic. One evening, pumping gas into my borrowed SUV, I was amazed to see the gas pump rocking on the lee side of the vehicle: thatโ€™s a serious wind that we rarely see in Kentucky. โ€œYep, itโ€™s windy todayโ€ was the casual observation of the Navajo at the next pump. 

As we are so aware at Water With Blessings, even in the desert, no; most especially in the desert, everything comes down to water. Climate change has created a drought of many decades that has torn into the Navajo way of life in multiple ways...and the damage continues unrelenting, like that strong desert wind. In fact, the wind is a manifestation of the drought: the loss of many trees and other plant cover adds to higher temperatures, drier air and less windbreak... so, stronger, more damaging winds result. And then, inevitably... less water. 
I bodily felt the metaphor that last evening as I prepared to head east towards the Albuquerque airport. It reminded me of many conversations throughout the previous week: wise Navajo people bearing witness over and over to the unrelenting, destructive impact of climate change and environmental devastation on their ancient culture. You who care for the cause of Godโ€™s thirsty children: you too would be moved to tears by the tears of the Navajo people. 

But hope in the face of overwhelming odds is a specialty of the Navajo. Our mission to provide point-of-use Sawyer PointONE filters to remote Navajo homesteads has been severely challenged by the pandemic and the winter weather, but finally things are letting up. Our Navajo water team is passionate and energetic, and hereโ€™s the evidence: the spread of GIS data points across our distribution map.

Every day since my return, Iโ€™ve fielded a call from someone who has been touched by the Navajo need for safe drinking water... and that too brings me hope. I offer thanks and prayer to the Creator for those who share our passion. Blessings for you! Sister Larraine
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