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Our newsletter this month is jam-packed with the latest news from around Cupertino. With the easing of Covid restrictions, events are being planned again and we'll have a regular feature on those starting this month. The Biking Viking shows you how you can bring your favorite canine on your next bike ride. We also have a great hiking trail review for nearby Rancho San Antonio, and updates on how Cupertino was just awarded $800K in bike/ped funding. Read on for this and much more!
The Biking Viking - Biking With Your Dog
Discover a great new way to spend time with your favorite canine – go biking together! Regardless of the size of your dog, there’s a way for Fido to join in the fun. In this video, the Biking Viking discusses ... (read more)
City Work Projects
by Seema Lindskog
Bike/Ped Improvements Get the Most Votes
Every year, the city develops a City Work Plan to guide its work on major projects during the next fiscal year from July to June. All the City Commissions provide input on what they see as their main priorities and the city fields a survey to gather community input on topics of most importance to residents. (read more)
Measuring Ridership at our local High Schools
By Dino Sakkas
Congestion around schools is a persistent problem.

Having students walk or bike to school greatly helps this issue.

WBC is measuring what is effective in encourging students to do so at all our local high schools.
Walk-Bike Cupertino is working with the Cupertino Safe Routes to School organization at all the High Schools and a student-led Rotary Interact group at Monta Vista High School to increase awareness of the global and local impact of electing to get to school in a gasoline powered automobile. This will hopefully get more students to get out of their parents' cars on the way to school and instead traveling actively. 

A successful program must be confirmed with good data. Up to now the success of the various motivational programs (read more)
The percentage of students getting to school actively has not changed much in the past few years. (Click on the graph for a larger version.)
Walk-Bike Cupertino will be counting the number of bikes at the high schools monthly and after encouragement events at all local high schools to see what impact they make.
As shown here, looking from E. Estates, we are just waiting on the new fences to be installed for the neighbors.
A current bridge picture is here!
Regnart Creek Trail Update
The trail itself is mostly complete, including the new bridge to Wilson Park. The city contractor is now working on building the fences and concrete walls that the residents along the trail requested, to replace their existing fences.

The city wants to wait until these new fences and walls are completed before opening the trail to the public. The latest estimate from city staff is that the trail will open in October or Nov 2022, a few months behind the initially scheduled opening date of August 2022.
Bicycle-Pedestrian Commission and
Stevens Creek Trail updates
By Byron Rovegno
Here's what's happening at the latest meetings of the Cupertino Bike/Ped Commission and the Friends of Stevens Creek Trail. To learn about upcoming meetings, go to our WBC calendar here.
  • Commissioner Maanya Condamoor has resigned her seat on the commission. There could be an interim appointment or council may wait until January 2023.
  • Closing Lozano Lane public easement to Regnart Creek Trail was added to the upcoming City Council agenda. 
  • Lawson school safety improvement plans for students biking and walking to school are on hold. City staff will request money in next FY budget to do traffic and feasibility study and public outreach.
  • City staff is asking council for money for safe bike parking at many locations on city owned property. (more here)
A Spectacular 10-mile Hike
at Rancho San Antonio Preserve

By Jian He
The hike on the Stephen E. Abbors Trail was a great experience of rigorous climbing and sightseeing. The winter breeze helped us cool down after each strenuous uphill slope. Drinking water and wearing a hat is essential for this trail. Looking beyond the PG&E’s electrical towers along the path, we could see the entire Santa Clara valley under the clear sky. (read more)
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