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We're heading into fall now, with the weather finally cooling a bit! Time to wear those long sleeves when walking or biking. This month we've got updates on what's happening locally: Lawson considers a bike lane (help us make it safer for kids!) a Cupertino walking path remains open, what the Cupertino Bicycle Pedestrian Commission has been talking about, how our local students are biking (or not) to school, an trail with a science bonus, and how the U.S. can reduce traffic fatalities...and much more!
Students biking more to local high schools
Year-over-year counts are up though ridership fades over school year
Based on bike, skateboard and scooter counts, the good news is that our students from the five local FUHSD High Schools except for Homestead High are all biking more this fall than in 2021.
Winter Weather Impact

There are, however, a couple worrying trends. One is that over the school year, the number of students biking, skateboarding or scootering to school drops during the rainy months, and then does not recover to the same levels as the fall once spring arrives. Sometimes for a particular school the amount of students biking rebounds in the spring, but never to the same levels as in the previous fall.
The increases are significant: it’s a jump of over 10% more students biking over 2021.
A second concern is that our high schools still have a very low rate of students traveling to school in active ways. The percentages of students read more...
City Council Votes to Keep Lozano Lane Walking Path open
Vote is to wait one year to consider crosswalk for Regnart Creek Trail Connector
In a quick and decisive decision, the City Council on October 18 passed the Staff recommendation to wait one year after the Regnart Trail opens to gather data before deciding on a crosswalk on Rodrigues near the Lozano Lane path. The pathway will remain open to reach the Regnart Creek Trail (RCT) when the RCT opens later this year.
It was an unexpected agenda change at the October 18 Council meeting which made the decision particularly speedy. The Council moved the action item #17 to the Consent Calendar, and after some brief public comment, quickly passed the Staff recommendation 5-0.

In addition to the one-year data gathering, the vote also approved adding new signage to ask residents to dismount their bikes on the Lozano Lane pathway as bikes may be ridden on the Regnart Creek Trail.

Approximately 10 resident letters from WBC supporters were sent read more...
When will the Regnart Creek Trail finally be open?
We are looking forward to the Regnart Creek Trail opening for use. Per City Staff, the trail is planned to open by the end of November. WBC has had informal conversations with the workers installing the new fences for the neighbors and they say it could be another three months before they are done. When the trail is finally finished, it will be enjoyable for all residents to get to the library, three different parks, or for enjoyable exercise. We’ll see you on the trail soon!
Why I like Biking to School: A Student's Story
by Linda Yao

“I bike here. No, it’s not far, it’s just about 15 minutes.” I answered someone who asked how I go to school. Since I started high school, my bike has become my best friend on my way to school. 

The reason I started biking to school is simple: I can arrange my time in the morning better. I no longer need to talk with my mom
Carrying everything needed is possible with paniers.
the night before about what time we should leave the next morning, and I no longer have to wait for my mom to drive me to school in the morning; I can use my time in the morning more efficiently according to what I want to do that day. 

On some days, if I couldn’t figure out how to solve a homework problem, then the next morning I can bike to school earlier than before to ask my teacher questions during the collaboration time. On other days, I may want to take advantage of the flex hours on the block schedule to sleep in, without consulting with my mom the night before. Read more...
Your vote counts! Read our 2022 Cupertino City Council Candidate Survey ratings here to see who got top marks for supporting waking and biking in Cupertino.

Bicycle Pedestrian
Commission Update

During the last two months of Bicycle Pedestrian Commission meetings, staff presented on the city’s experience with the physically-separated bike lanes already in place and potential bike lane striping for Christo Rey Drive.

Cupertino’s Physically Separated Bike Lanes

Starting with McClellan Road, Cupertino has preferred physically-separated lanes for arterial roads. The most ambitious of these projects is the in-progress lanes on Stevens Creek Boulevard, with phase 1 east of Wolfe Road already in place.
Stevens Creek Boulevard Lanes at Wolfe (above)
and Mary Avenue lanes (below)
Science and Nature: the Stanford Dish Trail
Trail Review by Jian He

Have you ever hiked around Stanford Dish? The Dish is a 46-meter-diameter radio telescope built in 1961 in the Stanford foothills. It’s such a large piece of equipment that we could see it 10 miles away on the top of the Stephen E. Abbors Trail in Rancho San Antonio Preserve. The Dish has been used to capture radio signals and communicate with satellites and spacecraft. In 1978, it even sent signals to NASA’s Voyager craft exploring the solar system and beyond. 
After 61 years in service, the Stanford Dish is still being used for academic and research purposes, and the Stanford Dish Loop Trail has become one of the most popular destinations for local hikers, walkers and runners. Hiking around the Dish offers us opportunities to appreciate the great wonders of both science and nature.

 I hiked there every week more than 10 years ago. The amazing views of the Stanford campus, grassy rolling hills, and coastal mountains refreshed my mind and recharged my energy. read more...
Many thanks to Sita Rani for her beautiful pictures of the trail in this article!
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