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2021 Bike/Ped Recap
Moving forward despite the pandemic
by Jennifer Shearin

A surprising amount of projects made significant progress or were completed this year. A special thank you goes to the Cupertino City Staff and City Council, who kept projects moving forward despite the challenges of the pandemic. Read below for what's happened in your neighborhood to making walking and biking easier and safer!
Major Highlights for 2021

Regnart Creek Trail has started construction. Additional funding was approved in June for fencing.
Linda Vista Trail is completed and is open for use, with an opening ceremony this past summer.
McClellan Road separated bike lanes won an award for the second segment, and design is in progress for phase three.
Stevens Creek Blvd. separated bike lanes were completed in 2021, and the Wolfe to CA-85 portion is currently in design.
Bubb Road bike lanes and pedestrian work is complete and in use.
School Walk Audit projects have completed phase 1 (the simpler projects) and begun phase 2.
I-280 Junipero Serra Trail The east and central portions (the parts east of DeAnza) are in design.
Mary Ave Bikeway Mary Ave updates were completed in 2021 and are now in use.
This work would not have been possible without the advocacy of walking and biking supporters like you. Thank you!
Monta Vista High Bike for Boba Grows
By Larry Dean
Over 200 MVHS (Monta Vista High School) cyclists rode their bikes and scooters to classes on the second “Bike for Boba” and “Save the Planet” event. With days getting shorter and cooler, this second event still showed an increase in ridership over the inaugural September B4B event!

Rotary Interact Advisors Paige Zhang and Monica Wu again assisted the Interact club of 30 members for event planning and execution. Rotary volunteers Byron Rovegno, Helene Davis and Stuart Rosenberg assisted with set-up, clean-up and ferrying bobas from the local shops to the school – on time, with fresh ice cubes and “no spills!”
Via Cupertino Has Relaunched!
Via Cupertino, which relaunched in October 2021, is an on-demand community shuttle that goes everywhere in Cupertino. It works like a minibus that comes when you want it and where you want it. It also connects to some destinations just outside of Cupertino, like the Sunnyvale Caltrain station, Kaiser Santa Clara, and Rancho San Antonio. To get started, you can download the app by scanning the QR code with your mobile device.
Regnart Creek Trail Update
The trail continues to make progress! See new photos here from early December with the major changes coming to the crossing on East Estates (the crossing from Creekside Park to the Regnart Creek Trail).
Book Bikes Bring Joy to Communities
By Seema Lindskog
Librarians around the country say Book Bikes spark joy wherever they go, with residents smiling and waving as the bike pedals by. A library on a bike is also a great way to promote mental and physical activities that are good for both body and brain.

The first documented Book Bike was started in 2008 in Chicago, by Gabriel Levinson, a literary activist who parked his Book Bike in Chicago parks to distribute free books to the community and promote a love of reading. 

Since then, Book Bikes have exploded in popularity and can now be found in over 100 cities in the US, more...
“This is so cool!” is the common reaction when someone sees a Book Bike library pedaling up to an event.
Safety Tip #3: Equipment
By Matt Widmann
Maintaining your bike regularly and equipping it with safety gears for the terrain and conditions that you are biking in, help you stay in control and execute safe behavior that we discussed in the previous article. Here, we will present you with various biking gears that help you stay safe on the ride.

Check your bike before every ride. Before every ride, check that your tires are inflated, your brakes can stop you, and your wheels are properly attached to the bike. If you’re unsure, take the bike to a shop and have them look it over for you.

Be visible by wearing the brightest clothing you can find and adorning your bike in lights so it’s visible from all angles. Avoid flashing lights, which seem to be only useful during bright conditions....Read more
We at Walk-Bike Cupertino wish you the happiest of holidays and a wonderful new year. Best wishes for a great 2022 for everyone!
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Join a Commission to make a real impact on our city! There are open vacancies on most commissions. Commissioners are appointed by the City Council, and the only criteria is that you are a resident. For more information on how to apply, please contact us here, or find out more from the City of Cupertino website here. Applications are being accepted until January 7, 2021 ast 4:30pm for the upcoming terms.
CalBike's Updates on
AB1238 and AB122
In 2021, CalBike decided to sponsor two related bills that would have legalized walking midblock across an empty street (AB 1238, Ting) or biking carefully through a stop sign at an empty intersection (AB 122, Boerner Horvath). Our goal was to broaden and strengthen the movement for the dignity and safety of people who walk and bike. 

Despite the governor’s vetoes, we made significant progress. More than 100 organizations and 3,000 people signed on in support of both bills. Your support made a difference.

The Bicycle Safety Stop Bill received bipartisan supermajority support. The Freedom to Walk Act started a national discussion about how we police walking in this country.

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